The Royal Treatment | A Throwback Thursday Trip Report!

Have you ever wondered what it's like to cruise concierge?
Have you ever wondered what it's like to stay in the royal Walter E. Disney royal suite?
Hop aboard and enjoy a throwback trip report in it's entirety.

Episode V: The Royal Treatment
Disney Wonder
January 4, 2014
Four Night Western Caribbean

  1. Royal Treatment Redux
  2. R is for Roll Call
  3. R is for Ready, Set, Go!
  4. R is for Reception
  5. R is for Royal Suite
  6. Diana's Journal ~ Saturday
  7. R is for Running Around in Circles
  8. R is for Recreation
  9. R is for Reservations
  10. R is for Room Service
  11. Diana's Journal ~ Sunday
  12. R is for Roja
  13. R is for Rain Delay
  14. R is for Rice Krispy Treats
  15. Diana's Journal ~ Monday
  16. Diana's Journal ~ Very Early Tuesday
  17. R is for Random Roaming
  18. R is for Rollin'
  19. R is for Rapunzel
  20. R is for Reflections
  21. Diana's Journal ~ Tuesday
  22. R is for Recollections
  23. Diana's Journal ~ Wednesday
See ya real soon!

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To answer the obvious question, Episode I, aka our first cruise (in which the kids are left ashore in the tender care of their grandparents) is not yet finished and is not linked yet!


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