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Good Morning!


Itty Bitty Living Space

So you're going on a family cruise! Hurray!

You've seen the promotional materials flaunting inside staterooms on the classic ships "up to twenty five percent larger than the cruise industry standard." This is Wonder-ful; until you realize that this makes a stateroom a smidgeon smaller than the average American dorm room. What's a family of four and their belongings for the week to do? Aside from just packing less, there are some tricks and tips that have helped me make my own "itty bitty living space" feel bigger on the inside.

First off, prepare your packing and luggage for small spaces. Don’t worry, you can still bring your ball gowns and pirate night pantaloons. I'm talking organization today, not minimalist packing, although that certainly does help, too. If your party contains people who still need or like assistance finding all the parts to an outfit, or just people who can never match colors, this first tip is for you. I found that if I put…

That "Disney Cruise" Lady

Hi! I'm Lorelei; Lori to my friends. As my Passporter Bio so succinctly puts it,
Lorelei is a Christian, wife, mother of two, vegan, Texan, bookworm, and terrible-though-enthusiastic photographer. She sunburns indoors on a cloudy day, but still looks forward to her next Disney Cruise in spring of 2013!I suppose that pretty well sums it up.
What...I've got three hundred more words available? Okay, I might as well, then.

It's late 1998
My mother and I huddle around the huge boxy monitor, waiting as the website slowly loads.  I run off to fetch sustenance as the modem complains. Loudly.
We spend the afternoon ooh-ing and ah-ing over pictures of Animal Kingdom which we will see for the first time on our annual trek to Walt Disney World. As we click through the agonizingly slow loading times a notice on one page catches my mother's eye. So we price out a cruise on Disney's newest venture, the Disney Magic.
After a little browsing, she decides she'd rather not find…