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Shorts Saturday Reminder~March Prompts!

Welcome Blog Hoppers!
This is your friendly neighborhood reminder for your Shorts Saturday blog hop prompts!
Every week, I host this link up blog hop to share a short and sweet version of our Disney love as we answer Disney related questions.
I'd love for you to grab the button and link up your post! We all love comments, so half the fun is visiting each other's blogs and commenting on their thoughts.
Our short and sweets prompt tomorrow is Disney Resolutions Recap < 50 words!

The rest of March is as follows!

Write it up, link up tomorrow and comment away.
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Foodie Friday ~ Dessert with a Side of Redundancy

Welcome Foodie Friday Blog Hoppers!

Allergy Free Chocolate Cake
Location: All Rotational Restaurants as well as Palo, Disney Wonder
Cost: Included in Cruise Fare (Palo has a surcharge)

As I said in my "The Royal Treatment" trip report, our recent cruise allowed for us to see how the Disney Wonder handled allergy free dining. On previous Disney Magic cruise, we received a wide variety of desserts. On the Wonder we received this lovely, squishy sweet delectation for the first time. I noticed it was soft and sweet chocolate-y gooeyness.

I possess a very odd sense of humor though, since I found it hilarious when we were served it in:
Parrot Cay after boarding lunchTriton's first evening at dinnerAnimator's Palate-Show Night second evening at dinnerAnimator's Palate-Pirate Night third evening at dinnerStudio Sea (Family Studio) fourth afternoon at the princess tea and finallyPalo fourth evening, after dinner. I don't know. I think the first one was pretty good…

Top Five Tips to Survive Disney Spring Break ~ Land and Sea Style

Welcome to those of you joining me from Capturing Magical Memories and those of you just hopping aboard. I am the 4th stop on our Magical Blogorail.

I love Walt Disney World in the
the spring time!
(Sorry, couldn't resist!)
However, if I'm going to do Disney during Spring Break (along with all the added guests that entails) a little extra planning is in order.

1.) Hit the high seas.
I highly recommend trying out Disney Cruise Line if you decided to do Disney during Spring Break.
Not only do the ships sail at pretty near the same capacity year round, but if you book early or extremely last minute, cruising can be less expensive than a trip to the world.

A cruise on a Disney ship is a nice way to enjoy all of the character interactions, service, exquisite details and magical stage shows Disney is known for in a calmer more relaxing environment the Walt Disney World.

2.) Land and Sea should remain in that order rather than going Surf and Turf.
Okay, it's no secret that dur…

Wordless Wednesday ~ Back in My Day

Welcome Wordless Wednesday Blog Hoppers!

This week's wordless Wednesday is brought to you by Disney History!

The history of Castaway Cay can be found in Fastpass to History ~ REAL Pirates of the Caribbean.

Thank you to Focused on the Magic for hosting!

Homeschool Diaries | A New Adventure

So after several months of research, late night conversations and soul searching our family finally decided to take the plunge into uncharted waters. No, we're not cruising to Alaska or the Panama Canal (yet) although that is still firmly on our Disney bucket list.
We're joining the ranks of the Duggars; no, I'm not pregnant.
Starting at the end of the 2013-2014 school year, we're going to start homeschooling both of our children!

Channeling my #DisneySide, I decided to celebrate my new found peace and future with some books. After a bit of browsing, my #DisneySide Amazon Wish List is set for the foreseeable future. For a little light reading for me, I picked out The Thinking Fans Guide to Walt Disney World by Aaron Wallace. I thumbed through this a month ago in Barnes and Noble, meant to buy it and got distracted and set it down. It looks right up my alley though and I should have a book review on that once it arrives. More in the vein of homeschooling, I also selec…

Thunder Clap!

We stumbled upon a Junior Avengers training session just about to start at our Disney store this last weekend. They've been holding these occasionally since 2012, but my son only recently got into the super hero thing (outside of Jedi of course.)
After spreading out the Junior Avengers assembled for the training, a cast member leads the children through a pledge and then some training exercises.

 Although the Iron Man and Thor training are adorable, nothing beats the sound of half a dozen kids stomping, clapping and growling like the Hulk. My daughter's favorite part was getting her very own Official Junior Avenger ID card with her name on it. (The cast member writes the names on them and hands them out after the training.) All if all not a bad Saturday afternoon!
I don't know if this is a regular event at the stores, but if you see it going on, I highly recommend joining in and embracing your #DisneySide super hero style!

Silent Sunday on the Ship ~ Journal


Shorts Saturday ~ Every Little Thing She Does

Welcome Blog Hoppers to The Adventures in the Great Wide Somewhere "Shorts Saturday" Blog Hop for the week of February 22. Every week, I host this link up blog hop to share a short and sweet version of our Disney love as we answer Disney related questions.
I'd love for you to grab the button and link up your post! We all love comments, so half the fun is visiting each other's blogs and commenting on their thoughts.
Our short and sweets prompt this week is "Best Vacation So Far... <100 words"

Imagine wishing on a star that Disney Cruise Line could show up, whisking you to the nearest port, taking you to sea for half a week, then cruising off to a deserted private island and leaving you as Castaways for the day. The pixie dust will continue (as it does in dreams) as you find they have included park hoppers to the happiest place on earth along with free shuttle buses.

I wished on a star on my first cruise (2010) and the Disney Magic fulfilled each and ever…

Foodie Friday ~ Do you have anything non-alcoholic?

Welcome Foodie Friday Blog Hoppers!

Champagne Toast
Location: Palo Brunch, Disney Wonder
Cost: First glass included with brunch, brunch is currently priced at $25 per guest

Disney ships offer a "Champagne Brunch" by reservation on sea days. Hosted in Palo, an Italian adults only restaurant, this quiet getaway is definitely worth trying (it's a must do for us.) Last trip we took my sweet mother in law, Diana with us and she had her doubts about the situation, but gamely went along to see our "favorite restaurant."

Just to get this out in the open, Ben and I don't drink.
(Unless I get the wrong cup at communion. So back on my first trip to the Palo Champagne Brunch, I expected a bit of awkwardness around the whole "complimentary first glass or mimosa" situation.
I could not have been more wrong. This was completely a non-issue. On telling the waiter that we would like something non-alcoholic, he offered us sparkling cider instead. Sure, why…

Three Things Thursday ~ Sleeping Beauty

Here's one of my new favorite blog hops today:
Three Things Thursday!

(Be sure to link up on her blog!)
Since I already have a blog (and three blogs preceding this one) what haven't I already shared?

Once Upon a Time There Was a Princess Who...

1.) Fell asleep every night to the sounds of the ocean.

No, I haven't started working on the Disney Magic (or retired on her). I have an app on my iphone that plays white noise. I always set mine to ocean.

2.) Owns several dozen comfy pairs of Disney jammies, but my favorite part of my pjs is the Winnie the Pooh slippers. Sadly they are developing a hole. Anyone know of a good place to get Disney slippers?

3.) Fell asleep standing up, laying down and sitting on the floor in the hall in college.

For what it's worth, I still can. I could blame my thyroid, but I prefer to think it is due to that one time I got too close to the spinning wheel at the Renaissance festival. Thankfully, no sightings of dragons or forests of thorns…

Fastpass to History ~ Do you want to build a movie?

Hello FastPass to History Blog Hoppers!
Thank you, again, Frontierland Station for hosting this blog hop.

Back in 1943, Disney was in talks to make a animated sequences for a variety of different Hans Christian Anderson fairy tales as part of a live action biography of the famous author.
Unfortunatley, they found the titular Snow Queen to difficult to adapt, despite the rich possibilities of the story. The whole project (including "The Little Mermaid", "The Little Match Girl", "The Snow Queen", "Thumbelina", "The Ugly Duckling", "The Red Shoes" and "The Emperor's New Clothes") eventually got shelved. 
Given the success of "The Little Mermaid" and amazing box office and acclaim of Frozen, I wonder what other diamonds sit among Disney's shelved works in progress.
Which one would you like to see?

Wordless Wednesday ~ Would you like a little more T?

Welcome Wordless Wednesday Blog Hoppers!

Thank you to Focused on the Magic for hosting this Letter T blog hop!

The Royal Treatment ~ Diana's Journal ~ Wednesday

As much as I felt blessed to enjoy our cruise, sharing it with family made it all the more magical! Diana (my mother in law) graciously allowed me to share her journal entries from each day of our cruise as both a sum up from that day, and a separate trip report in their own right.

This is the final installment of an Ongoing Trip Report "The Royal Treatment" additional sections of this report can be found on the Adventures page

Tiggerific Tuesday ~ Because Powerpoint Just Didn't Get The Point Across

Welcome Tiggerific Tigerific Tuesday Trivia blog hoppers.

Thanks again to Jodi from +Magical Mouse Schoolhouse, Heidi from +Heidi's Head, Jenn from Disney Babies Blog and +Mike Ellis for co-hosting!

Did You Know...

Michael Eisner and other Disney executives originally believed that "simply seeing animals would not be exciting enough for guests." The imagineers disagreed and to prove the point, Joe Rohde brought a 400 pound tiger into a meeting with the top brass (or at least Wikipedia says so.)

Animal Kingdom received the go ahead.
Would you want to be in a meeting with a 400 pound tiger?
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The Royal Treatment ~ R is for Recollections

I woke up at dark o'clock as we pulled alongside Galveston, both eager to watch the docking process and dreading the dawn.

It was time for disembarkation day.

I couldn't stay on our verandah for very long before I needed my coat. Back in Texas, it still was winter.

Ducking inside, I looked at the lovely sheets and reflected on some of the awesome times we enjoyed.

My favorite souvenir.
Funny story, actually.
Ben bought the fish key chain for himself when I bought this purse. He asked me if I could carry it for him. As soon as I slid it onto my purse, he figured, given how much I liked it, he wouldn't get it back. I intended to give it back to him, but Ben's mom gifted him a replacement keychain later in the cruise.

My favorite FE gift. I wore it the whole cruise, pretty much. As Ben finished up his shower, my first early riser made her appearance. She wanted to go upstairs to wander around on deck, but settled for walking around indoors instead.

They moved the hair…