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I Love My Erin Condren Planner!

To get the non-legal-ese out of the way: I have no financial relationship of any kind with Erin Condren. I don't receive free products or any form of compensations. I just really, really love my planner.
I squeaked with delight when I scrolled through the options for shiny new LifePlanners in mid-June. There, hidden in plain sight among the beautiful, inspirational covers sat the only option I could consider.
"Create Your Own."
I spent half the day designing my cover only to discover that the computer/bandwith/website did not want me to upload pictures. Banking on the fact that it was the first day that the 2015/2016 planners appeared, I vowed to try again the next morning.

Around 5 am the following morning, it uploaded straight away! I loved the picture I'd uploaded and was super excited for my box day to arrive...

I opened it up to discover:

Almost too lovely to open!

I went through all of the new stickers.
I love that they're color coordinated with …

How Things Move | Three Mousekateers

The sun rose cool and clear on our first day of the Disney Youth Education Series Program. Day six in the parks with an 8:15 meeting time?

No problem.
We were even early enough to use the wash rooms and plop on the ground to invent our very own version of Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.

We met our group leader who lead us in to the park and straight for a restroom break (just in case!) and then introduced our merry band of six kids and their adults to Main Street U.S.A as you've never seen her before...

The kids searched high and low to fulfill their first mission: to count how many kinds of moving machines they could spot in our walk to the hub. Trolley cars, old time cars and the crane? All fair game. We followed our fearless counselor past the cast members who would be guarding the ropes near the Cheshire CafĂ© to keep eager park goers at bay until rope drop. We stowed our cameras as instructed as "the park may not be show ready this early" and headed over to a pre…

Wild Rides After Dark | Wordless Wednesday

Welcome Wordless Wednesday Blog Hoppers!
This week Deb at Focused on the Magic invited us to share our favorite Wild Rides, Wordless Wednesday style. Given that my kids just crossed the 44" mark, our definition of wild rides is a bit different than most people's.

Thank you to Focused on the Magic for hosting!

Classical Education | Video Game Scope and Sequence

We all wish to give our children a well-rounded education. In our house this means exposure to Beethoven, Aesop's Fables, the Bible, history, manners, phonics, cursive, reading all manner of classics, learning foreign language at a young age, singing, basics of piano, music theory and video games too.
I grew up right along with the Nintendo. My grandmother gave us the Nintendo Entertainment System for Christmas when I was in kindergarten and the Super Nintendo came along when I was eight. The Nintendo 64 came along just in time for high school with the GameCube accompanying my college days.
My son's birth fell within months of the premiere of the Wii, ushering in a second generation of console gamers. When kids are increasingly comfortable with Minecraft, surfing Netflix via the PS4 and unlocking the old iPad to play a few rounds of educational apps (Teach Me! is their current favorite) is there any reason to pull out the retro games?
I'm going to argue that behind the ca…

Three Mouseketeers | Side Tracks

The three mouseketeers took our brand new Senior Wilderness Explorer badges and hopped a bus to Magic Kingdom.

We swung by Town Hall to meet Tinker Bell courtesy of a FastPass+ then mixed in our first ride on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin to "de-girl-ify" the afternoon. Then I got to pick the next ride, so Carousel of Progress! The kids enjoyed the surprise (as they had no knowledge of the ride going in) but they liked it.

 We headed back to Main Street, U.S.A. to meet Mickey (our second FastPass) then wait for our last FastPass, reserved viewing for the Festival of Fantasy parade.
But first snacks!

 Thankfully we planned a little extra time for Kylee's ice cream cone and our FastPass held our place for the parade. I think that the temporary location for the parade near the flag pole was pretty interesting as you could see the whole of the parade coming at you down Main Street. I'm eager to see how the new hub FastPass area compares next trip.
We follo…