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My #DisneySide @Home Celebration Box!

So back in January, I squealed and danced around the living room on account of a very pixie dusted email. Five days before our Three Mousekateers trip, our FedEx driver dropped by a very magical package that continued the dancing.
Now what on earth was hiding in this lovely box?

1. #DisneySide, 2. #DisneySide, 3. #DisneySide, 4. #DisneySide, 5. #DisneySide, 6. #DisneySide, 7. #DisneySide, 8. #DisneySide, 9. #DisneySide, 10. #DisneySide, 11. #DisneySide, 12. #DisneySide, 13. #DisneySide

1. #DisneySide, 2. #DisneySide, 3. #DisneySide, 4. #DisneySide, 5. #DisneySide, 6. #DisneySide, 7. #DisneySide, 8. #DisneySide, 9. #DisneySide, 10. #DisneySide, 11. #DisneySide, 12. #DisneySide, 13. #DisneySide

Honestly, that's only a fraction of the magic in my beautiful purple box. Now what on earth will I do with all these awesome items?

I received free products from Disney in order to host a DisneySide @Home Celebration. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Wordless Wednesday | Unforgettable

Welcome Wordless Wednesday Blog Hoppers!

This Wordless Wednesday is brought to you by an unforgettable moment! Thank you to Focused on the Magic for hosting!

The Three Mousekateers | Well Played

After circling around the back side of Cinderella Castle, Chris broke out the map and off we went to hunt down our first portal on our Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom adventure.

After several portals, they really began to get the hang of the game. Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom is a cute, multilevel and very addictive card game where you quest around one of the lands at the titular Magic Kingdom park helping defeat various Disney villains and eventually Hades.
It can be played near endlessly as you collect different cards each day you enter the park.
Did I mention it's addictive?
My kiddos happily forgot about all of the rest of the most magical place on earth in hopes of rescuing Aurora's good fairies.

Until I remembered our Seven Dwarfs Mine Train FastPass+ window. Trotting through the FastPass queue, we went straight to the front of the line. Being a party of three, we were waved past a few parties of four and straight into the first two cars.

This ride ga…

The Three Mousekateers | Ready to Spin

At long last, we were going to get to go to Magic Kingdom!!!
We layered on the hoodies and hit the food court for a quick breakfast. Hopping on the bus, we made it to the Magic Kingdom early enough to hang around for a bit before the Welcome Show.

Kylee asked for an "I'm Celebrating" button while I picked up the map and an entertainment schedule for the day. After being wished a very pleasant good morning by the people of Main Street, Cinderella, Elsa, Anna, and Mickey, we walked under the railroad station, around the flag pole and caught our first view of the castle.

It was kind of awe inspiring and weird and wonderful all at the same time to see such an enormous crane hanging over Cinderella Castle. We were swept up and along in the excitement as half of the guests sped off to meet Elsa and Anna and the other half hurried off to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. We headed straight for a ride that sat high atop my kids must do list. A ride they really, really want…

Throwback Thursday | Three Impossible Things and One Goof Up

Back in January, I vowed to accomplish six impossible things as my Disney New Y-Ears resolutions for the year. So now that six weeks have past, how is my to do list weighing in the balance?

Taking on ALL of the "Big Kid" Rides
Kylee crossed the point of no return, hitting the forty-four inch mark. Despite lingering fears of waiting for an E-Ticket ride only to drag both kids out of the chicken exit, the slow and steady work up to the scarier rides did seem to work for the most part.
In addition to working our way from the Barnstormer to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train to Space Mountain slowly over the trip, I also made judicious use of FastPass+. Although the line for the Tower of Terror didn't make a FP+ necessary, the odds of Chris getting creeped out and letting his imagination run away with him were far greater the longer we lingered in the lobby.

With a FastPass+ and a keen eye to talk about the fun parts of the ride (both kids were intrigued by the idea of a floating feelin…

Touring Plans IRL | Six Steps to a Practically Perfect Vacation

The Magic Kingdom may be the most magical place on earth, but it is also smack dab in the middle of Walt Disney World. My biggest problem at Disney is there is literally, "more to see than can ever be seen or to do than can ever be done." Forty-three square miles brimming with tons of things to see and do and eat, to be exact. So where do I start planning my perfect, stress-free Walt Disney World vacation?

 Whether it's as simple as my kids' picks list out of the Birnbaum's Walt Disney World for Kids or a well detailed down to the minute spreadsheet developed from pouring over PassPorter's Walt Disney World and The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World.

Step 1: Do Your Research!
Look at projected crowd levels. Learn about the FastPass+ system. Measure your children (at the end of the day in sneakers) and note any rides with height restrictions out of your range.

If you have any food allergies or special needs, check out all of the awesome accommodation…

Wordless Wednesday | Action!

Welcome Wordless Wednesday Blog Hoppers!

This Wordless Wednesday is brought to you by my favorite action moment!

Kylee and Chris earning their last Wilderness Explorer Badges! Now to make them "Trust me, I'm a Senior Wilderness Explorer," shirts for next trip.

Thank you to Focused on the Magic for hosting!

The Three Mousekateers | To All Star Movies and Beyond!

On arriving to All Star Movies, the three Mousekateers made a beeline toward the online check-in desk. It was too early for our room to probably be available, but checking couldn't hurt, right?
After a little technical mumbo-jumbo we were told our room would be ready anytime after one. Therefore off to World Premiere Food Court for some lunch in the intervening half hour.

Chris glowed when he was permitted to walk over to the pizza counter and order his lunch by himself while Kylee and I waited for a veggie burger to be prepared separately. I did the math on a "length of stay" refillable mug for this particular trip (ten days, nine nights) and despite the rarity of our soda drinking, came out on the side of pro-mug.

I'm not sure I would buy the mugs again, as most of our meals at the resort were breakfast and the kids' meals came with milk or juice. We went to go check into our rooms and settle for a bit. After dropping the carry-ons, we settled in for some cart…

Silent Sunday | Film and Easel

Do you know where to find this artistic set up?

The Three Mousekateers | Hot Pepper Dance

So after popping last minute odds and ends into our luggage and checking my list a time or two, I tried to go to sleep early.

A 7:20 am flight (meaning the possibility of arriving at our Walt Disney World Resort before lunch) seemed like a great idea! Until about four the afternoon before when I realized that we would want to be leaving our house shortly before five am. Thankfully, pre-trip pixie dust levels in myself and the children meant we were awake, enthusiastic and dressed in advance of when we needed to be.

When Chris is tired he gets quiet, but Kylee talks a blue streak.

While Kylee told the United agents about every detail of our upcoming vacation, I printed off our boarding passes and checked our bags. We practically flew through security, with a minor hang up when Chris didn't want to talk to the security guard or respond to his name. (Frankly we all needed our coffee.) The security guard thought it was funny once Chris woke up enough to respond to his name and ask if …

A New Ship | Throwback Thursday Trip Report

Have you ever fantasized about spending a week cruising the Eastern Caribbean in the Walter E. Disney Suite? Come along for the ride as we rewind back to our Very MerryTime cruise courtesy of the Disney Cruise Line. Beware, jellyfish ahead!

Episode VI: A New Ship
Disney Fantasy
November 29, 2014
Seven Night Eastern Caribbean
A New ShipThe Journey BeginsGlacial BreakfastFirst TerrariumSecond TerrariumGood Morning!Raspberry Dust and BotanistsI SpyPersonal FlurriesBobbing AlongMeanwhile Back on St. JohnMeanwhile Back on the ShipPalo in PajamasHave Fun Storming the Castle!Heffalumps and Sea TurtlesSomething About ApplesLittle Paper CabanaCabana 18Kisses and Castaways Now with added mice!

To answer the obvious question, Episode I, aka our first cruise (in which the kids are left ashore in the tender care of their grandparents) is not written or linked anywhere yet! Episode II and V can also be read in their entirety.

For other trip reports, check out the Trip Reports tab at the top of the…