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Disney Social Media Moms Celebration "On The Road" Austin

Early Friday morning, I tried to avoid all of the controversy on Facebook. In case you hadn't heard, they banned the selfie stick from  all of the Disney Parks locations and the Disney discussion was running rampant. Just before I shut off my phone, I checked my email.

I squealed.
I jumped up and down.
I hopped onto Twitter and tweeted my disbelief.
Then I hopped back onto Facebook and discovered my Disney BFF, Casey who blogs at Mommy to All Girls got in as well!
We'll do our best to #KeepAustinGoofy and report back after the #DisneySMMC conference in August!

FAQs:How do you get invited?
Please visit and add your email to their email list! You'll get notified when it's time to apply for future "On The Road" events. No one really knows how the selection process works, but you can never g wrong following Genie's advice to, "Just BEE yourself!" The Disney Social Media Moms Celebration is a magical conference that happens in …

The Three Mousekateers | Squirrel!

After ending the day Saturday with twenty Wilderness Explorer badges, the kids voted unanimously to head back to Animal Kingdom for more. The badge stations opened a little bit later than park opening, so we ducked into the Tree of life to warm up while we waited.
Guess who was coming out just a we left the world of the bugs?

Our fellow Wilderness Explorers, Russell and Dug greeted Christ and Kylee. The kids told them all about their mission to become Senior Wilderness Explorers. Russell wished them well and signed their Wilderness Explorer Handbooks.
We hiked off to the Maharajah Jungle trek through the quiet of the morning.

The tigers weren't out yet, but the badge guides were.

We hopped one of the first trains out to Rafiki's Planet Watch and the kids faced their biggest fear...the petting zoo. The badge guide insisted that the kids had to go into "Affection Section" (aka the petting zoo) in order to wash their hands and earn their badge. With much squea…

Hibernating and Other Summer Fun | Homeschool Diaries

Sonlight is having a monthly blog linkup this year, in honor of their 25th anniversary. Find out how we decided to homeschool in the February hop and my best advice for new homeschoolers in March and in April shared a day in the life of my homeschool. Last month, I admitted complete ignorance to the whole convention scene and instead blogged about our summer reading list (so far).
Now for June's prompt:
Share your favorite summer reading and learning activities.
Ah, the lazy days of summer...

or not as much, in our case.
One of the many perks of homeschool is that when it is center of the sun hot (which in Texas, can stretch from June well into September) we hibernate.
Now since we don't live in a cave (or under a rock) hibernating is quite pleasant and even dare I say fun in it's on way. What do we do to hibernate?
Read. Lots. Which means our library card gets quite the workout (as can be seen in my previous post on our summer reading list). This year we dusted off Narnia…

Inside Out ~ Meet the Little Voices Inside Your Head

After spending all day Tuesday waiting out #TSBill, the rain cleared just enough for me to go brave minor flooding and meet up with a friend for a girl's night out. Our film of choice: Fathom events presentation of Insider Access to Disney Pixar's Inside Out. Not only would we get to watch the long awaited Pixar film, but enjoy a behind the scenes tour of the Pixar studios. It's always nice to get some girl time and getting to view the latest Disney film uninterrupted was a real treat.
As a Disney/Pixar fan, the tour before the film was worth the fathom ticket pricing.

Inside Out SPOILERS warning!!!
If you don't want any spoilers, go watch the movie (bring Kleenex!) then come back.

Joy is not the first Pixar character that made me both laugh and cry.
(Frankly, between Up and Finding Nemo and Toy Story 3, the mere sight of the Pixar logo is something of a warning sign for me to double up on the Kleenex.)
Inside Out is the first Pixar movie to blatantly play with …

The Royal Treatment | A Tale of Two Ships

Welcome to this month's Magical Blogorail Blue loop. Today we are sharing what you can expect from some of the club level experiences at Disney Resorts and on the Disney Cruise Line.
Have you ever dreamed of cruising concierge?

What about in the royal suite?
Last year offered up a boatload of moms panel excitement, trip planning high spirits, beginning of homeschool jitters and also a ridiculous amount of pixie dust magic!

In January, our family cruised in the Walt Disney Suite on the Disney Wonder to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary and our daughter's fifth birthday.
Then in November, we upgraded at port to the Walt Disney Suite on the Disney Fantasy.
Just for fun.
(TONS of pixie dust, y'all!)
So what's the difference between one royal suite and another?
The Disney Wonder Disney's classic ships, the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder feature nearly identical Royal Suites. Located on deck eight slightly forward of midship, the Walt comfortably sleeps…

Wordless Wednesday | Disney Dad

Welcome Wordless Wednesday Blog Hoppers!
This week's focus is on our favorite Disney dads. No offense to Goofy, Mufasa or Darth Vader, but my favorite Disney dad is my husband!

Thank you to Focused on the Magic for hosting!

Sleep, Eat and Launder

Previously on the Three Mousekateers, Agent K foiled the evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz, my daughter found her Voice and my son upped his defenses. With four days of magic on the books, we were very much in need...

Of a little bit of a break!
Groundhog's Day crowd level predictions for the parks were medium, so we decided to take a day to kick around the resort and Downtown Disney and just rest.

After returning Susan's iPhone charger, we played at the Lego Store for a while, then window shopped and the kids collected another few pressed pennies from the various machines.

When we started to get hungry, we headed back to the Downtown Disney buses. It was time to resort hop!

We arrived at Beaches and Cream with plenty of time to wander a bit before our ADR. Kylee and I split the falafel while Chris ordered the hot dog. They were lovely, I'm sure, but we really came for the ice cream!

Mickey Sundae going...



We took the long way home. We walked right up to the dock a…

Silent Sunday ~ Disney Star


Doofenshmirtz and the Three Mouseketeers

Previously on the Three Mousekateers, pixie dust rained down, younglings completed their training and we just barely escaped Akershus unscathed. With food in everyone's belly and alacrity returning to the mouseketeers, the promise of pixie dust hung in the warming afternoon...

Christopher directed us toward Spaceship Earth after his near brush with the princesses. As luck would have it, we arrived at the FastPass+ queue just as a large tour group also entered the line. Thankfully with the continuous loading, we got to go straight back into the history of communication with hardly any hang ups.
The kids just finished up learning about the ancients and loved seeing all of the different animatronics of Egypt, Rome and especially the Phonecians. (I don't know why they love the Phoenicians so much, they just do.) Anyway, they asked us to squeeze three across so we all shared a row.

After that, we were recruited and Agent K was off to the United Kingdom to foil the Evil Dr. Doo…