The Three Mousekateers | To All Star Movies and Beyond!

On arriving to All Star Movies, the three Mousekateers made a beeline toward the online check-in desk. It was too early for our room to probably be available, but checking couldn't hurt, right?
After a little technical mumbo-jumbo we were told our room would be ready anytime after one. Therefore off to World Premiere Food Court for some lunch in the intervening half hour.

Travel day!
Chris ate all of one of these items. Smart money is on the pizza.
Chris glowed when he was permitted to walk over to the pizza counter and order his lunch by himself while Kylee and I waited for a veggie burger to be prepared separately. I did the math on a "length of stay" refillable mug for this particular trip (ten days, nine nights) and despite the rarity of our soda drinking, came out on the side of pro-mug.

Travel day!
Kylee's first really goofy pic of the trip.
I'm not sure I would buy the mugs again, as most of our meals at the resort were breakfast and the kids' meals came with milk or juice. We went to go check into our rooms and settle for a bit. After dropping the carry-ons, we settled in for some cartoons until our bags arrived.

Travel day!
Our lovely room.
We wandered around our resort taking in all of the larger than life details. The kids loved running around the playground and climbing on the RC Car over by the Toy Story buildings despite the momentary unpleasantness of sand in their shoes. Kylee fixed that by walking around barefoot. Chris emptied his shoes and then we left.

Travel day!
Our room looked out across the grounds at the beautifully lit Sorcerer's Hat every night.
Bags unpacked while the kids changed into their suits and despite it being far too cold for my taste, the children happily enjoyed swimming and dancing at the pool side entertainment. Then my iPhone ran out of juice. No biggie, I'd just plug it in when I got to the room.
While the children changed into warm, dry clothes, I rifled through my carryon (where I'd last seen my charger cable) and kept coming up empty-handed. I had the plug that connects the charger cable to the wall, but no luck on the cable itself. Stumped, the kids and I headed to the gift shop.
No luck.

Travel day!
Our quest for the charger cable continued! 
We headed to Downtown Disney in hopes of purchasing the cable in D-Tech. Again, they did not carry any cables for the iPhone 5.
I was very frustrated and teary as I checked by Guest Services to  see what they might be able to do. They could charge my phone there, but that was not a lasting solution. On exiting the building, Susan, a PhotoPass Photographer asked what the trouble might be and took pity on us and walked with the children and I to the LEGO Store. Half an hour later I thanked Susan profusely. She had taken her break time to walk to her car and lend us her personal phone charger cable.
I cannot begin to explain how above and beyond that is.

Travel day!
Thanks, but no thanks.
We checked in at Earl of Sandwich as well as Wolfgang Puck Express. The kids voted to head back to the food court at our resort, because at this point in a day that began around 4 in the morning, one more novel experience was off the list.
That is how, after six miles of walking, 854 miles of flying, three buses, one airport tram and fourteen hours of travel day excitement, the kids and I ate small dinners and turned in early to the soothing sounds of Stacey Aswad on "Must Do Disney."

This is Part 3 of an Ongoing Trip Report "The Three Mousekateers."
Additional sections will be found on the
Trip Reports page after they are posted!


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