The Three Mousekateers | Hot Pepper Dance

So after popping last minute odds and ends into our luggage and checking my list a time or two, I tried to go to sleep early.

Packing etc.

A 7:20 am flight (meaning the possibility of arriving at our Walt Disney World Resort before lunch) seemed like a great idea! Until about four the afternoon before when I realized that we would want to be leaving our house shortly before five am. Thankfully, pre-trip pixie dust levels in myself and the children meant we were awake, enthusiastic and dressed in advance of when we needed to be.

Travel day!
When Chris is tired he gets quiet, but Kylee talks a blue streak.

While Kylee told the United agents about every detail of our upcoming vacation, I printed off our boarding passes and checked our bags. We practically flew through security, with a minor hang up when Chris didn't want to talk to the security guard or respond to his name. (Frankly we all needed our coffee.) The security guard thought it was funny once Chris woke up enough to respond to his name and ask if he could go to Starbucks yet.

On collecting our carry-ons and locating our gate, which was conveniently located across from a Starbucks, we put off collecting cocoa and banana bread and returned happily to our benches to break into the beginning of vacation.

Travel day!
It's MagicBand time!
We walked around the airport and finally settled in for some late morning snack-age courtesy of the green mermaid. Chris enjoyed the window seat on the way up and swapped off halfway through the flight when Kylee decided she needed a turn playing "guess what that looks like" with the passing clouds.

Travel day!
Making her own magic.
Kylee, Chris and their favorite buddies (Osito and Isabelle, came along on this trip) joined along as we headed down to board our bus. Chris and Kylee enjoyed following the "Disney's Magical Express" but they started arguing over who could tag us in with their MagicBands. I tried to explain that they would have lots of turns to use their bands, but the Magical Express cast members pulled out a surprise for all of us and the squabble disappeared entirely.

Travel day!
Disney's Magical Express pins?
As the bus hurried onwards from the airport, we watched cartoons and squeaked as first we entered Walt Disney World and then dropped other guests off at first Coronado Springs, then All Star Sports, then All Star Music.

Travel day!
Gary Buchanan sighting!
Suddenly we were one hot pepper dance away from our resort!

This is Part 2 of an Ongoing Trip Report "The Three Mousekateers."
Additional sections will be found on the
Trip Reports page after they are posted!


  1. Love that pic of Kylee on the airplane! How cool that Magical Express gave you guys pins. I love how Disney gives magic. I can't wait to read the next part


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