Throwback Thursday | Three Impossible Things and One Goof Up

Back in January, I vowed to accomplish six impossible things as my Disney New Y-Ears resolutions for the year. So now that six weeks have past, how is my to do list weighing in the balance?

Taking on ALL of the "Big Kid" Rides
Kylee crossed the point of no return, hitting the forty-four inch mark. Despite lingering fears of waiting for an E-Ticket ride only to drag both kids out of the chicken exit, the slow and steady work up to the scarier rides did seem to work for the most part.
44 inches tall at Walt Disney World
Kylee raved about Space Mountain for the better part of the afternoon and evening.
Chris mostly rode each of the fast rides once to humor his sister.
In addition to working our way from the Barnstormer to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train to Space Mountain slowly over the trip, I also made judicious use of FastPass+. Although the line for the Tower of Terror didn't make a FP+ necessary, the odds of Chris getting creeped out and letting his imagination run away with him were far greater the longer we lingered in the lobby.

Indy, Terror and more Star Wars!
Frankly it gives me the Heebie-Jeebies too.
With a FastPass+ and a keen eye to talk about the fun parts of the ride (both kids were intrigued by the idea of a floating feeling on the drops) they managed to enjoy the ride. Kylee even claimed it as her favorite (until Expedition Everest won out on the following day.)

Blogging Consistently
I'm going to call this one a win so far. I even managed to get a week and a half ahead in advance of my trip! I'm really missing having blogs just sitting waiting to be published, so I'll probably write a couple posts a day all next week until I'm happy with my backlog.
It's keeping the ball rolling that will be my challenge. Wish me luck!

Walt Disney World Without Backup
2 kids + 1 me + 10 days + 2 flights + 4 parks = 100% dream come true
You've got to be joking right? I've gotten more comments from friends and family questioning my sanity about this one move than in all my other childrearing, dietary, religious and educational choices combined.

Magic Kingdom ALLLL day long.
Alone time? What's that?
I would do it again in a heartbeat, but I'm going to wait until Kylee is eight so that Chris doesn't have to be odd man out/single rider on every single ride. I will say that if you are not used to spending large uninterrupted swaths of time with your children, you might want to ease into flying solo with the kiddos.

Take 5-My Goof Up
As I pointed out yesterday, going back to our resort for a midday break did not happen even once during our vacation, despite the best laid plans.

Nothing like a long lazy afternoon exploring caves!
Shootin' the breeze on Tom Sawyer Island
What did happen in the wide swaths of time that I had blocked for going back to the resorts?

The kids were so happy to get to hold the bunch of balloons, I can't even begin to explain.
What's Up?
Nothing important, but many things unplanned and in all ways fantastic.

I've got two impossible things left on my list!
How are your resolutions holding up?


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