A New Ship | Throwback Thursday Trip Report

Have you ever fantasized about spending a week cruising the Eastern Caribbean in the Walter E. Disney Suite? Come along for the ride as we rewind back to our Very MerryTime cruise courtesy of the Disney Cruise Line. Beware, jellyfish ahead!

Episode VI: A New Ship
Disney Fantasy
November 29, 2014
Seven Night Eastern Caribbean
  1. A New Ship
  2. The Journey Begins
  3. Glacial Breakfast
  4. First Terrarium
  5. Second Terrarium
  6. Good Morning!
  7. Raspberry Dust and Botanists
  8. I Spy
  9. Personal Flurries
  10. Bobbing Along
  11. Meanwhile Back on St. John
  12. Meanwhile Back on the Ship
  13. Palo in Pajamas
  14. Have Fun Storming the Castle!
  15. Heffalumps and Sea Turtles
  16. Something About Apples
  17. Little Paper Cabana
  18. Cabana 18
  19. Kisses and Castaways
Now with added mice!

Puerto Rico
Jaq and Gus!
To answer the obvious question, Episode I, aka our first cruise (in which the kids are left ashore in the tender care of their grandparents) is not written or linked anywhere yet! Episode II and V can also be read in their entirety.

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