The Three Mousekateers | Well Played

After circling around the back side of Cinderella Castle, Chris broke out the map and off we went to hunt down our first portal on our Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom adventure.

Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella Castle and the Crane | Tomatoe, Tomahtoe.
Impressively beautiful, any day of the year.
After several portals, they really began to get the hang of the game. Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom is a cute, multilevel and very addictive card game where you quest around one of the lands at the titular Magic Kingdom park helping defeat various Disney villains and eventually Hades.
It can be played near endlessly as you collect different cards each day you enter the park.
Did I mention it's addictive?
My kiddos happily forgot about all of the rest of the most magical place on earth in hopes of rescuing Aurora's good fairies.

Seeking portals, fighting dragons, rescuing the Magic Kingdom? All in a day's work.
Busy fighting the Mistress of All Evil
Until I remembered our Seven Dwarfs Mine Train FastPass+ window. Trotting through the FastPass queue, we went straight to the front of the line. Being a party of three, we were waved past a few parties of four and straight into the first two cars.

Fun, Short, Smotth and Engrossing.
First Trip on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
This ride garnered everyone's, "let's go again!" votes.

Stand-By Queue?
Stand-By Entrance wait time, 70 minutes.
The kids adopted a quick "twenty minutes or less" understanding of queues, and everyone was hungry enough to put this off for a while. I checked the next couple days of availability to see if we might luck into a second round of FastPasses.
No such luck.
Lesson learned?
If you might want Seven Dwarfs (or another hot ticket) for FastPass, consider booking on multiple days. It's much easier to trade for a less popular ride than pull a more popular ride with only a day or two notice.

Beauty and the Beast Gargoyles
My Little Gargoyle
We checked into the reservations desk at the bridge and crossed into Be Our Guest. We opted not to order our meals ahead, that way the kids could pick theirs on the fly. Good idea in theory. In practice, we could skip the line if we ordered ahead.

Tale as Old as Time
Beautiful Mosaics
Then we would miss the suits of armor riffing back and forth at each other in the hallway.
I'd say that either way is a win.

Beast's Ballroom Chandelier
Chris loved the turkey sandwich, but wasn't too crazy about the sweet potato fries. Kylee loved the pasta in marinara and the quinoa I ordered is one of the more awesome quick service vegan meal offerings.
We spent the end of lunch looking over our schedule. As we walked out I cheerfully asked if the kids wanted to go swim at the pool or lay around and watch cartoons to rest for a while.
Kylee and Chris exchanged a long look.
Up they looked. 
"Can't we rest in line while we wait to go on Space Mountain???"
Well played, younglings.
Well played.

This is Part 5 of an Ongoing Trip Report "The Three Mousekateers."
Additional sections will be found on the Trip Reports page after they are posted! 


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