The Three Mousekateers | Akershus

Early to bed and early to rise meant that we reached Epcot almost a full hour prior to Epcot opening so we hopped aboard the kids favorite ride from their first trip to Walt Disney World.

The monorail.

Epcot Day
Wild About Safety cards!
“Por favor manténgase alejado de las puertas!"
They asked the conductor of the monorail if he had any of the transportation card. Not only did he hand over a few monorail cards, but he hooked my kids up with half a dozen of the "Wild About Safety" cards too.

Epcot Day
I love the smell of monorail in the morning.
They opened the park a bit before the scheduled opening and we were on Test Track before 9.

Epcot Day
Chris did the engineering, Kylee did the decorating.
There's nothing quite like the wind whipping through your hair first thing in the morning or designing your dream car without any wait.
Before the adrenaline rush wore off, we headed over to Mission: SPACE. The cast members measured Kylee twice at the entrance to the line (mostly because she was super excited to go on Chris' favorite ride from last trip) and tried to talk her into the Green line but she wasn't having any of it.
Kylee and Chris had fun talking to a lady who was scared on her first trip on Mission Space. (She was seriously considering taking the opportunity to work at mission control until Kylee said she could borrow her Duffy if she was scared of going to Mars.)

Epcot Day
Getting our launch assignments. Duffy did not get his own launch assignment.
Kylee did not need any reassurance from Duffy during the ride itself and dumped him unceremoniously into the storage bin when we loaded into our space craft. The kiddos agreed Mission: SPACE orange is an awesome experience even despite (because?) Kylee screamed like, well, a little girl for all of the launch sequence. They wanted to ride on it again immediately.
You know how they tell you not to look to the side during your ride experience?
Kylee screaming her head off during the launch meant I looked sideways to grab her hand. I don't recommend looking sideways. Under any circumstances. A touch of vertigo meant that heading to "Living With the Land" was in order before another rocket launch. Kylee spent most of Living with the Land keeping a sharp eye out for the ghost pepper (or Gary's hot pepper dance fame).
Thus recuperated, we headed off to Soarin' for our FP+.
The kids ducked the golf ball and giggled but they prefer rides with a bit more adrenaline.
We wandered off toward the World Showcase just as Duffy was leaving his meet and greet. He stopped momentarily when he saw Kylee snuggling her Duffy. She told him her Duffy went to Mars with her and he gave them hugs then wandered off.
We booked one of the last breakfast reservations available at Akershus as an early lunch. Anna and Elsa had tested at the restaurant the day before, but I knew enough not to promise the Arrendele duo.
Chris noticed all of the girls in princess dresses. Then he read the sign over the banquet entrance. Princess Storybook Dining?
What kind of fast one was I trying to pull on him?

Epcot Day
Not just a southern county of Norway, but also the place to meet and greet tons of princesses!
I assured him that if he took a picture with Belle in the entry hallway that:
1.) He could stick his tongue out if he wanted.
2.) It would never see the light of day or Facebook.
3.) He could eat all he wanted.
And most important:
4.) He did not need to take photos with any of the inside princesses.

So we enjoyed a brief tour of the buffet offerings and the chef agreed to bring Kylee and I some vegan pancakes.

Epcot Day
Who cares about princesses?
I've got a whole plate of cinnamon rolls and cheese!
Kylee enjoyed parading around the dining room with the princesses while Chris tucked into the buffet.
To each their own I suppose.

Epcot Day
Kylee and Snow hang out.
Kylee wanted to know if there was anywhere to meet "the good Snow White" and she and I talked for a long while before I figured out she meant bandit Snow from Once Upon a Time with her bow and arrows. The princesses seemed amused that Chris had no interest in meeting or talking to them.

Epcot Day
Ariel trying to say hi to Chris.
Particularly Ariel, who wouldn't take "he's happier hiding under the table that taking a picture" as a no. All of the princesses eventually gave him his space and Kylee was told by Ariel to make sure to say hi to her bestie, Jasmine in Morocco.

Epcot Day
Duffy liked Akershus
Would I bring my son to a princess meal again?
You'd better believe it.
Despite the lack of pictures with the princesses, I would not trade the laughter and interactions with the princesses for anything.

This is Part 11 of an Ongoing Trip Report
"The Three Mousekateers."
Additional sections will be found on the Trip Reports page after they are posted! 


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