#DisneySide @Home Celebration Movie Night!

I love that I received an open ended box for my party as it left us free to embrace any part of our #DisneySide. We invited a couple of our friends and all their kids over for a nice easy-going movie night featuring one of my new favorites, Big Hero 6.

#DisneySide Party 2015!
But it got the point across. 
I sometimes think that the nearest films, Big Hero 6 and Wreck It Ralph, get overlooked in the Frozen Fever. So much overlooked, that even my DVC friends hadn't seen Big Hero 6. They all agreed to come in their favorite #DisneySide shirts and ears.
Fast forward to the 21st of February and all of the part decorations, plates and homemade Spinach Artichoke Hum-mouse and salsa were set.

#DisneySide Party 2015!#DisneySide Party 2015!#DisneySide Party 2015!

It's party time!

#DisneySide Party 2015!
Hum-mouse, Salsa, Chips, Disney Quotes Match-Ups and Crosswords!
As the first guests arrived, we broke out the Pin-the-Grin on Mickey.

#DisneySide Party 2015!
The boy who won got Mickey stickers and pencils courtesy of the @Home box.
As the girls arrived, my daughter and the other princesses played princess dress-up while the boys ran around playing lightsabers and pirate swords.
The kids claimed a bowl of hummus and chips and curled up in front of Baymax and Hiro. Although my kids watched it before, it was all the other boys first time watching so they were soon absorbed. The adults, babies and parents dove into the Disney trivia.
Then to much rejoicing the pizza arrived.

#DisneySide Party 2015!
World's Largest Mice Krispie Treat.
Peanut Free and Delicious!
After pizza, the princesses all broke into the crossword puzzles while the superheroes returned to Baymax. Mickey disappeared (ears first) and I got plenty of quality time with the only baby I know named Elsa.

#DisneySide Party 2015!
Mickey tasted delicious for the record!
The princesses and mouseketeers attacked the crossword puzzles and desserts.

Big Hero 6 ended up inspiring and endearing, but I'd forgotten how funny this film is! Plenty of laughs all around.
The moms all very much enjoyed the HP printer cards while the girls cooed over the Palace Pets and nail polish. As for the boys, Star Wars action figures made going home bearable.

I received free products from Disney in order to host a DisneySide @Home Celebration. The opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. This is sooo cool! Do you remember the 'Mermaid' themed party from when you were little? Homemade mermaid cake, Ariel music, games using clothes pins, bamboo fishing poles, and mason jars. I love the see the next generation of creativity coming through!

    1. Definitely. Mom, you had Pinterest worthy birthdays before they were a thing.

  2. I wonder if a Disney, 'party in a box' would be a hit at the Disney store?

    1. Hmmm. Maybe at their online outlet anyway. That's pretty much what these were.


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