Three Things Thursday ~ Art, Adventure, Aha!

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Three Things Thursday!

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Since I already have a blog (and three blogs preceding this one) what haven't I already shared?

Once Upon a Time There was a Blog Princess who...

1.) Loves drawing.
I totally go bananas when we go to Macaroni Grill.
The crinkle of the swaths of butcher block paper beneath the squeak of fresh crayons is pretty much the perfect date activity. When my own kids join us at Macaroni Grill, I'm too involved in helping and talking with them to really get in a good doodle groove.

Three days into the cruise I forgot which month we were in. These are from February 2013.
I always grew up with my sister being the "artist" buy I still LOVE a good drawing class.
I promise, I'm not five years old.

2.) Loves a Good Adventure.
Even a virtual one.
Disney Hidden Worlds on Facebook is my latest obsession. I love trying to help my little Inklings.

3.) Loves a good surprise.
From the surprise cruise from last year.
So long as the surprise is from me for my loved one or at the very least, they act quickly rather than trying to keep things from me.
I really suffer from terrible amounts of suspicion when I suspect someone is attempting to surprise me which is a shame because I love the Aha! Gotcha! feeling of a well executed surprise. So most of the time I just live a no surprise presents kind of life.
Usually, anyway.
Yesterday DH surprised me with an early tenth anniversary gift. How did he manage such a lovely surprise without making me suspicious and dying of curiosity? He downloaded it online and loaded it onto the Gameboy then handed it to me. No weirdness, still the joy of being utterly surprised.
If you're curious, it's A Link Between Worlds for the Gameboy and I already reached the Master Sword. So the best. He knows me so well.
and Chrona!


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