Foodie Friday ~ Do you speak Frappuccino?

Welcome Foodie Friday Blog Hoppers!
Thank you Disney Day By Day for hosting this scrumptious blog hop.

Soy Hot Chocolate No Whip
Location: Cove Cafe, Disney Magic
Cost: Starbucks pricing, but the pastries are included in cruise fare.

Yesterday afternoon in a local Starbucks:
"How can I help you?
"Can I get a double shot frappe no whip?"
*loud whisper*
"Dad, what language is she using?"

Whether you are a double shot non fat no whip frap lover or just want a simple cup of joe, Cove Café is a pleasant escape from the bustle of the family areas.
Designated as an adults only area, if you need to find me I'll be curled up in a corner, reading a book (or my kindle) or just gazing out at the ocean with my personal favorite, the Soy Hot Chocolate (No Whip). Thankfully, they have a punch card that you can use to buy several and get a free coffee.

Do you speak Frappuccino or are you into simpler coffee drinks?


  1. I drink more tea than coffee, but when I do I'm simple. It is like another language for sure. Thanks for sharing and joining the hop this week.


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