Couples Only Cruise ~ Animated

The next day I woke up bright and early and decided to let Ben sleep in while I went out for my morning run. After a few miles of getting accustomed to the slight movement of the ship, the sun started to come up in earnest.


If you happen to go on a cruise that includes sea days, do yourself a favor and wake up early at least once.


You won’t regret it!


Dawn at sea is truly magical.

One last picture.
Or two.
And then I went in and showered in my room. Ben woke up and got ready for the day as well.

We headed up to Topsiders to enjoy the view and some breakfast.


They stock the ships with Krispy Kreme donuts when it is in port in the states and slowly defrost them as needed throughout the sailings. If you consider yourself a donut connoisseur, don’t eat them after the first day or two as they apparently lose something when they defrost after a few days.


I went for fruit, fruit and more fruit, in an effort to not be too full for our brunch reservation later in the morning. Heading out of Topsiders, we happened upon Chris as he finished his breakfast and then we headed off to enjoy some serious veging out time. We meandered and window shopped. I got a “15 Years of DCL” pin that I really liked, but was super sad that there still didn’t sell any Texas or Galveston itinerary pins.


We picked out some pirate Mickey and Minnie ears for the kids as “wish you were here” gifts then headed to Cove Café for a Frappuccino and soy hot cocoa.
Then back to sun bathing.
After a while we decided to fancy ourselves up for our brunch reservations.

I love this picture.
Our favorite waiter, Sylvester, showed us around the brunch spread and I, once again received the lovely berrybasil pizza for a dessert. Mmmmm.
Definitely my favorite.
This time I enjoyed a pizza with slightly more sauce and slightly less berries on top with quite a bit less sugar incorporated. Despite needing to use a fork, I love every bit of it.


(For those who are curious, the guy over my shoulder out on deck must have been a contractor of some sort. He kept fetching tools from the plywood box he’d left on the starboard aft of deck ten all throughout our brunch.)

A favorite. Every time!
Ben reacquainted himself with the grape gorgonzola pizza and a dessert array from the buffet.

Must try.
We left Palo pleasantly full. After a little nap we wandered around the ship and hung out until we met up with Chris and Casey again hanging out at their favorite loungers on deck four. We all decided to try out something I wanted to do (but kept missing out on) on all my previous cruises: the animation class.

Thankfully they offered Mickey Mouse classes in the adults only part of the afternoon’s Personal Navigator.

Yes I forgot which month it was. Cruising is that good.


And Ben and I stayed for Donald too!


We LOVED our teacher. Humorous and self-deprecating and encouraging enough to make us really enjoy attempting to draw classic Disney icons. Kellie, the lovely British cast member, obligingly took this selfie the next afternoon when she took a group picture of us.


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