Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia ~ Anatomy of a Key to the World

Tiggerific+Tuesday+Trivia Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia: Walt Disneys Silver Buffalo AwardWelcome Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia blog hoppers.  Thanks again to Jodi from +Magical Mouse Schoolhouse, Heidi from +Heidi's Head, and +Mike Ellis for co-hosting!

Did You Know...

What all those "random" numbers and letter on a Key to the World Card mean? Feel free to pull out the nearest KTTW and play along or just use mine, I don't mind!

No, all that print isn't just strings of random numbers and letters. They certainly do have useful information that can be gleaned from just a casual glance. Because many of the resorts are flipping to the MagicBands rather than key cards at Disney World in fairly short order, we will be skipping out on decoding the WDW KTTW. Since DCL (as of this writing) has not been announced in the MagicBand migration, I will use a DCL card to demonstrate.

Let's break it down starting at the top...
Disney Cruise Line - pretty self explanatory
Dates of your cruise
Ship name
The letter A or M (easy at a glance Adult or Minor) if you have a cruiser with you who will be aging up part of the way through the cruise who wants to use the adult's only areas, drop by guest services for an updated card.
Alphabet Soup? Not quite.
Next Line is your full legal name (I'm Lorelei Ketcherside)
Your Castaway Club level in black and white followed by your club number (or in this case a random string of numbers edited onto the picture)
Dinner seating time
A string of letters indicating your rotation
(LAAP = Lumiere's, Animator's Palate twice then Parrot Cay for example)
Your table number
A large letter of the alphabet (this is your muster station)
Last but not least, the bottom right of the card sports a teeny tiny number.
This took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out.
It corresponds to the station you checked in with when you get your key to the world card.

So now you know how those magical cast members can help you find where to go for dinner, what time your dinner is and whether you are an adult without so much as swiping your card.

My first DCL KTTW card.
It used to be that on your first cruise your card featured a different character (our first cruise our key to the world sported Donald in his traditional blue uniform) but the have since switched to all cards featuring Captain Mickey.
Is there anything else you can get at a glance?
If you see (or receive) a card that has crossed keys on it and is gold in color rather than blue, then you've found someone staying concierge.

It's pretty amazing that so much information fits on the front of that card, isn't it? Now the real question is how do cast members remember you (and your favorite drink and dessert) out of thousands of guests when you see them again months or years later.

That's Disney Magic!


  1. I've never noticed the A or M or the check in station number! I've also noticed that the letters 'NC' appear to the right of the check in station number on the KTTW cards of the minors in our party. They didn't have charging privileges, so maybe those letters indicate No Charging?

    1. It is "No Charge" another new notation on recent Key to the World cards is the letters either P, A or PA together indicating you've paid for transportation to the port, back to the airport or both.
      I love decoding!


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