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Did You Know...
All of the food for the entire length of a Disney Cruise is loaded during it's time in it's home port (usually Port Canaveral.)
Basically all the groceries for each of the  2,700-passenger on the Disney Magic must be brought on board during an eight hour window once a week.
That window is at the same time as every stateroom checks out, all linens, quarters and common areas become picture perfect and all the next guests for the next cruise check in and are welcomed aboard.

How much food is it anyway?
The Disney Magic serves up 3,125 gallons of complimentary soda, 10,000 pounds of chicken, and 71,500 eggs for an average seven night voyage.

And that's before we get to fruit and vegetables. And ice cream. Yummy.
This loading is a process that is amazing in scale and scope and free to view before breakfast on any of the portside verandahs or on Deck 4. One pallet of bananas we saw was easily larger than a minivan.

Have you ever watched them load and unload cargo on embarkation day?


  1. I can't even imagine - that's impressive they do it all in 8 hours. I want to look for that if/when I get on that cruise!

  2. Wow 71,000 eggs. I love to get on the ship early and watch all the activity down below. Crazy the amount of work they can get done in such little time.

  3. Wow! That's an insane amount of food--and it's all so yummy!


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