Three Things Thursday ~ Crowds, Watermelon and Dawn

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Three Things Thursday!

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Since I already have a blog (and three blogs preceding this one) what haven't I already shared?

Once Upon a Time There was a Princess and She...

1.) Used to be very claustrophobic in large groups of people.
Like panic attack cold sweat level of claustrophobic.

This would not have been a good scene back in the day
I got over that several years ago.
Which is wonderful now that I am happy and excited anytime I'm in an airport terminal because of where I am going rather than feeling crowded. Also comes in super handy at parades, fireworks and muster drill.

2.) Could Happily Live on Only Fruit

Fruit, Fruit, Fruit, Peanut Butter, a little bit of Oatmeal and Fruit.
I eat other foods like vegetables and proteins because I have to eat more than just fruit.
Fruit is my favorite, though.

3.) Was a Super Perky Morning Person

Burning daylight!
I happily run before dawn rather than sleeping in and enjoy seeing dawn as often as possible. I do have the courtesy to sneak as silently as possible out of the house and attempt to not wake up others. If I wake up and it's before dawn, I'd love to run to loud music on my iPhone.
Preferably on deck 4.

That's my three.
What are yours?


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