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Our short and sweets  prompt this week is 12 Things I Hate About the Whole Christmas Season. Brought to you by Grumpy.

1. The Puppy Commercial
The one wear jewelry guy hands his wife a puppy with a diamond ring tied to his neck. If your guy comes up with touching romantic creative gestures (possibly involving jewelry) on his own, that's wonderful.
Origami Owl locket. If I make the Disney Parks Moms Panel, I totally want this or similar.
I do not want my husband to tie it to a puppy.
Actually I'd be cool with buying it for myself when I finally make panel one of these years.
If a man feels guilted into copying a commercial that's not romantic anymore.

2. Special Treat Days in School
Each year I get emails to make "allergy free equivalent" snacks four times in the two week period before Christmas for the class Christmas party/gingerbread making activity/Polar Express breakfast/pajama day.

Easy as (gluten free non-dairy) pie
Ain't nobody got time for that! I make it happen anyway, because that's how I roll.

3. Sugar Hangovers in preschoolers
So they got the treats in item #2. Then the teacher writes home that your child seemed excited and distracted during the rest of school that day. I'm not a teacher, but I think I can figure out that one without a degree in education.

4. Gimmes in kids (not the same as materialism in adults, but still annoying.)

5. Silly re-wordings.

It's not Merry Wish-mas or Thanks-getting day. Either wish me a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. But Please just stop with silly rewordings.

6. Worrying about offering the correct holiday greeting.
I celebrate Christmas, so I wish people a Merry Christmas. If you don't and you wish me Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah or what have you, I'm cool with you doing that. Live and let live!

7. Christmas Cards
I love getting them. My kids love getting them. I'm not going to book a photographer and get all four of us into matching outfits for a Christmas card photo. It's just not happening.

If I order them, they will probably get here sooner.
This year by a miracle we had a card worthy photo of the kids. I took it on my iPhone in our church lobby. I may or may not get them out by New Years. I'm okay with that.

8. Keeping up with the Jones
I live in a town affectionately referred to as either "DisneyWoods" or "The Bubble." It's not remarkable to park next to a Jaguar at the grocery story, my four year old daughter totes around a last season cast off Dooney and Bourke purse gifted to her by her teen babysitter and many of the children in my children's classes have a nanny to pick them up after school. We don't and I'm okay with that.
I'd be happy if more of us banded together and just said no to runaway one-upmanship in Christmas gifts, children's birthdays and cars.

9. Unmanageable expectations.
I can never top getting my DH a surprise adults only cruise like I did last year.

Surprise! I'm taking you on a cruise! And next year you're getting socks!
I think this year I'm getting him socks or something just to reset expectations.

9. The song Christmas Shoes
I cry every single time I hear it!

10. What do you want for Christmas little girl?
Please don't ask my children what they're expecting to get for Christmas. They don't have lists, that's just not our focus. We're blessed with two children who were thrilled to pick out gifts for others and drop them off for the Angel Tree. They'd be thrilled to tell you what they got each other and I'd like to keep them focused on giving.

11. Dishes
I love baking. I love eating my baking. I love the process of shopping for chocolate chips and nuts and berries. Coming home, meditatively mixing and measuring while the oven preheats. Getting ingredients strewn about the kitchen with my children and then enjoying the sugar and spice wafting through the house as the cookies and muffins and breads cool on the baking racks.
And then there are the dishes.
Clearly I need to pull a Snow White and find some friendly woodland creatures to manage my dishes while I try out some new sugar cookie recipes from Pinterest.

12. Distractions
As wonderful as Christmas is this year, we will be boarding the Disney Wonder only a week or two after the holiday for our tenth anniversary and Kylee's fifth birthday. I almost feel like I'm more counting down to my cruise than to Christmas.
I'm so ridiculously excited and blessed to have two things to look forward to, I just wish I could absorb all the magic and wonder of the season and store it up for the rest of the year!

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