Tiggerific Tuesday ~ Coffee coffee and more coffee

Welcome back for more fantastic Disney Trivia!  Thanks again to Jodi from +Magical Mouse Schoolhouse, Heidi from +Heidi's Head, and +Mike Ellis for co-hosting!
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How many cups of coffee do the crew and guests drink on the Disney Magic in a given day?
Buy five get one free!
Coffee is complimentary at the deck nine aft drink station as well as through room service. If you prefer the coffee shop experience, for a small upcharge the Cove Café offers a variety of fancy coffee drinks. The dining rooms offer plain coffee at meals as well.
Let's see, there are 950 crew members 2,400 guests of various ages. Some probably don't drink any coffee.
Spot the hidden Dopey and Goofy next time you pass this print on deck five forward.
 And 8,260 cups of coffee EVERY DAY.
The cast member who led our Art of the Theme Ship Tour joked that 80% of that goes to the crew. Either way, that's a lot of coffee.


  1. I've become an addict - I would definitely be responsible for 2-3 of those per day!! thanks for sharing and linking up!

  2. Wow! That IS a lot of coffee. If I were on board, I'd definitely be enjoying some of that percentage!

  3. That's a ton a coffee! I don't drink coffee, so I would pass, but that's a lot of coffee to make!

  4. Yes that is a lot of coffee, but I'm more of a tea man so I wouldn't help contribute. They must be brewing non-stop!


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