Magic-al Thanksgiving Cruise - Is it Fall Back and Spring Forward or the Other Way Around?

I managed to slip out and take a run before anyone else woke up and take some pictures of different parts of the ship that were being cleaned for all of the people who don't wake up at 5AM.
Deck 4 near the DVC desk
Inside the Oceaneer Club
The Buena Vista Theatre.
My DH insists that the space between the rows is far too narrow as his knees are inevitably squished into the back of someone else seatback.
Almost back to our room.
  Dawn on deck is my favorite part of the cruise!
Deck 10
Quiet Cove in early morning silence
Nice and clean and waiting for us.
I love the sunlight first thing in the morning!
Hansel and Gretel would be right at home.
It looks like they’d worked on the gingerbread house a little during our Grand Cayman day. Around 6:30 I got back for my nice quiet shower. Since we’d left Grand Cayman and stayed up super late for pirate night, it should be easy for the children to all sleep in late and fall back to the CST, right?
I guess Kylee takes after me and her daddy. Since Ben still seemed to be somewhat asleep, I headed out with Kylee.
Who decided she was hungry so off to Goofy's Galley we headed (thankfully, it was open at 6:30am.) Kylee slowly nibbled her grapes and perused the Personal Navigator.
Honestly, if she were ten years older, she’d want coffee, a newspaper and brunch.
She’s chill in a very oddly literary kind of way. And takes AGES to eat. So I started taking photos of the signal flags around the tables and does anyone know what they spell out?
D C L, now you know! And knowing is half the battle.
Empty arcade
Kylee wanted to peek into Quarter Masters for a bit
Then we rode the elevator downstairs to see if anyone wanted to seek hot foods in Topsiders. Chris still was sleeping in, setting a personal record of 8AM. (Wow! Way to go little man. Must be a recessive gene somewhere.)
five more minutes, mom!
split bath
So I hung out and took pictures of the room while Ben and Kylee headed up to breakfast (second breakfast in Kylees case.) All ashore times for Costa Maya were 12:45-5:30. Which seems like a very short time in port, but what do I know?
After a lot of stretching, Chris happily wanted to (stop being photographed) go eat breakfast.

After a little time to play ping pong, they remembered the club existed and wanted to run off.

This post is Part 12 of an Ongoing Trip Report Covering Our Thanksgiving Cruise 2012


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