Magic-al Thanksgiving Cruise - All Good Pirates Take Naps

Meanwhile, back on the ship…

Ben enjoyed some (brief) peace and quiet and used the time while everyone left on port adventures to take daytime empty ship photos.

Crew Pool
The forced perspective in the lobby...
Looks awkward at this angle
Fun with Panorama
Promenade Lounge
Pirates off the port bow!  No really

this next one is one of Ben's favorite shots...

Panorama in moving elevator
basically he has to try to take it every cruise now...

I like this one-

Wrong way panorama
Looking down at tenders from Deck 4

unfortunately after a very short time, Kylee decided to get out of the club early as there were less friends to play with since everyone left for the island.
She enjoyed the pool by herself, though and time with daddy.
Anyways, back with me and Chris
Almost back to ship.
The tenders look so tiny next to the Magic

Wow.  The Magic is HUGE!
 Ahhhh, home again. Dropped the bag off at the room and the phone survived!

Score one for the pouch thingy.
Thank you SealLine pouch I found at The Container Store. The wonky filmy effect in the latter half of these pictures is from salt water drying on the outside of the pouch (remember, swimming to the sand bar?) rather than water leaking into the pouch. Ben used the same pouch during a Castaway Cay excursion in April of 2014 with equally good results.

Salad from the Buffet lunch
Watermelon, Pineapple, Syrup and Nuts. Dessert? Sure!
Once we were all back together again, we ate a quick late lunch in Topsiders and then headed to the room to try to nap (my kids don’t at home) so we would have plenty of pirate energy for the late night party.
Because we’d ordered the vegan cookies for delivery at four the previous day, I figured that could work out as an alarm clock of sorts. Basically the kids took turns resting in the room with me and wandering the deck with Ben. All of us took a nap around 3:30, except Chris who basically objected on the grounds of being too old. I woke up around 4:15. No cookies. I called down around 5:00 to find they hadn’t remembered to send the cookies, but could send them around six (during dinner). We laughed about the poor lost vegan cookies and asked if they could leave them in the room for us (answer-sure.)
Looking at the "real" pirates
We headed to Lumiere’s for the pirate party with our little buccaneers (who immediately insisted on pirate regalia for their next cruise). Okay, I’ll get right on that. Apparently t-shirts didn’t cut it when they were up against real pirates. Basically, the whole pirate/limbo thing overwhelmed DD, and all the guests dressed as pirates as well. Chris loved it, but stayed at the table instead of limbo-ing.

Not amused. But she liked her accessories.
He liked his bandana.
I don't recall dinner but for dessert they surprised Kylee and I with this...

This tasted wonderful. And they assured me several times over that it was whipped coconut cream...
tasted great and my tummy didn't balk at it, so I'd buy that it was indeed vegan/nondairy. We stopped by the room quickly on the way to the club, where our cookies had appeared!
Loose definition of the word cookies.
Wow. Not what I was expecting at all. Basically graham crackers, the same whipped coconut cream and berries. Yummy, but I was unfortunately quite full. Kylee elected to stay in the club while Chris went to Wreck it Ralph with Ben and I after dinner. And may I say, Oh My Goodness. Paper Man is the best Disney short ever. So perfect.
When we picked Kylee up from the club, she was super excited to tell us she was a real pirate (apparently she loved "So You Want to Be a Pirate?") She was very ready to go upstairs for the pirate party as she had napped hard earlier. Chris was starting to feel the lack of nap so we elected to hang out on deck 10 rather than venture into the fray on deck 9 starboard where we could easily see the show, but still leave when he crashed hard.
Pirate party from above.

We caught the very tail end of the Challenge of Davy Jones and put that on our “next time” list. If you haven’t been to the party, you haven’t seen the dancing/mayhem/fun that this can be. Kylee danced her little heart out, peeking between the railings. Chris slowly melted into a little tired puddle on Ben’s shoulder. After the fireworks we headed back down to the stateroom and put the weary buccaneers to bed.
This post is Part 11 of an Ongoing Trip Report Covering Our Thanksgiving Cruise 2012


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