I Have Never-Disney Cruise Line Classics Edition

I have never...as a kid on my first afternoon of sleep away camp those words opened the door to a whole world of friendships and revelations. There are simply a load of things I have never ever done or hope to do. For the sake of brevity, we're going to stick to Disney and for the sake of my wrists and fingers, we'll be limiting today's post only to amusements available at sea aboard the Disney Cruise Line. And because of the expansive nature of these vessels, I will focus in on only the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder or as they're known, the classic ships.

This I Have Never was inspired by I Have Never-Walt Disney World Edition, which was itself inspired by some great posts by other bloggers. Here's a big pixie dust thank you to:
  1. Melissa Sue's Never Have I Ever Post she was inspired by Katherine
  2. Katherine of Food Fitness Fantasy who wrote about those things she's never done at the World on the inspiration of Sarah
  3. Sarah of Running at Disney had blogged originally about parts of EPCoT that were new to her.
  4. Please Blog Hop on over and check out the other bloggers posts as well!  
My first cruise, sadly lasted only three nights, which led to a feeling of general panic as I ran around the ship the first afternoon trying to "see it all." This all predates my transition into a recovering Disney parks commando, so I seriously wanted to try to do and see absolutely EVERYTHING. Just for reference, this short three night cruise offered over fifty "Adults Only" activities. If you include activities for families, teens, kids or character meetings, there are over 90 in the first afternoon alone. This cruise is only 68 hours long. Meanwhile, this three night itinerary from Port Canaveral spends each of the two full days in a different port. It wouldn't be physically possible to experience every event or wise to even try. But I sure did try to cram in every bit of pixie dust possible.
In each of my cruises since then, relaxing and going with the flow becomes more and more natural. While there are certain events that I hit each and every cruise (Jack Jack's Diaper Dash!), some things are not even on my radar and I'd skip if I remembered them. Then there are the things that just seem to get crammed out by all my rest and relaxation time.

Here is my own definitive list of overlooked attractions on the Disney Magic and Wonder. I have never:
  • Waited to book Palo on board. I may be a recovering commando, but I can't leave that much deliciousness to chance.
  • Braved the escargot. Ben did though!
  • Eaten anything at the pirate night buffet.  I'm just not that hungry that late at night. It looked very pretty, though!
  • Ordered anything while in the promenade lounge.  I don't know why, we have done plenty of trivia and events in that lounge, I've just never ordered anything there.
  • Lost weight during a cruise. I've heard myths that people have managed to do this, but I'm happy if I come out breaking even.
  • Paid for bottled water.  The ship water is super yummy to me!
  • Booked a wine/beer/chocolate tasting.
  • Booked a shore excursion on board. I'm sure they're lovely at the desk, as the Guest Service cast members are, but I've always pre-booked.
  • Swum with dolphins. I don't want to swim with them, however I'm happy to watch them swim along next to the ship.
  • Used the on board nurseries.
  • Cruised with a verandah. I will be rectifying this in spades in January.
  • Cruised during the summer.
  • Thought my cruise lasted too long or even just long enough. Once the kids are old enough to leave for two weeks, or I get over pulling them out of two weeks of school, I'm willing to try to see if it is possible to hit the "too much cruising" point. I don't think that that point exists.
  • Taken the Towel Folding or Origami Class. The animation classes were HILARIOUS though, so it's a safe bet these should be in my "next cruise" short list.
  • Made it to the talent show.
  • Gotten selected for "Who Wants to Be a Mouseketeer." I drive Ben crazy, as I sit in the audience for this game show repeatedly, knowing all of the answers.  He believes knowing that I could have won should be enough. There is never enough Disney trivia!
  • Managed to get bored on board.
  • Missed a Pirates in the Caribbean deck party. ARRRRR!
  • Braved the Goofy Pool. The Mickey Pool is enough for my kiddos at this point and I'm not going to argue with that.
  • Tanned on deck 10. It's just too windy for my taste. I stick to the Quiet Cove loungers on 9.
  • Checked my email at sea.
  • Bought either the photo packages or the individual photos from Shutters. My family takes notoriously awkward group photos. Repeatedly. I take hundreds of photos per day on vacation to get some normal vacation pictures.
  • Traded pins with a cast member. I wear my pins, but I love all of them! How do people trade them away?
  • Attended a Port Shopping Talk
  • Stayed up late enough to dance in the adults only clubs.
  • Stayed up late enough to watch "Til We Meet Again." On the next cruise list for sure!
  • Stayed up late enough to sing Karaoke. I'm just not sure about why not, though. With my musical theatre background, I should.
  • Borrowed a book from the lending library in the Cove Café.
  • Relaxed in the Tropical Rainforest room. This is also on my next cruise list.
  • Played Bingo.
and last but not least
  • Gotten seasick. The fear of getting seasick (as I get both morning sick and carsick) haunted me before my first cruise. Thankfully, I am not one of those unfortunate few who suffer mal de mer.
Hmmm, seems like I'd better get cracking on that "next cruise" list.
Which of these thirty things should I definitely try? Which would you want to try first?


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