He Knows Me So Well

Between Disney Parks Mom Panel applications, kids' pediatric appointments, starting back in on teaching Bible study, some rather unsavory rodents invading our home (a possum and squirrels, for those who are curious) and start of the semester curriculum nights all since Monday, I've been a teeny tiny bit stressed out, frayed and exhausted.
Or actually massively exhausted.

Tired like this, but far less cute.
My dear husband in his infinite wisdom noticed that I've been seeming a bit frayed, let me stay home during first grade curriculum night, went and met with the teachers by himself and brought home some beautiful roses. After crying and muttering incoherently for a bit, he pointed out it wasn't just flowers. I asked tearfully, "you mean a vacation?"
Then he produced this:
Depth of field
Disney SquareEnix Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix?
I will try not to neglect my blog.
It's a higher quality graphics remake of one of my favorite games from once upon a time before I had children. He said if he couldn't take me to Disney, he'd give me all the Disney characters at once. It is a vacation or at least a mental vacation.

Then he packed the kids' lunches.

I am so incredibly blessed.

If you need me, I'll be battling the Heartless with Donald and Goofy.


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