Five Minutes to Fairytale Photos ~ Don't Leave Home Without It

I think that the magic of a Disney vacation exists in three wonderful parts: the dreaming of planning, the pixie dust moments during trip itself and the memories you take with you for years to come.
Since I can't live in the Cinderella Castle Suite or even on property year round, pictures help bring a bit of the fairytale back into my everyday life.
In my enthusiastic pursuit of remembering the Magic, I take hundreds of my own pictures every vacation and hope to share a bit of my experience with you.

Every so often your children treat each other so sweetly or a character wanders up to you down the hall or you face up to your fear of sea life.

Just waiting for our restaurant seating to start.
Sharing on Facebook about it later your realize that in our "picture or it didn't happen" world you forgot your camera or left it in the room because you weren't heading out for anything special.
“Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language.”
~Walt Disney
So unless you are into sketching, make sure you bring your camera! With most phones being so small and easy to tote, there's really no reason to leave them in your stateroom.

But its night and there's no way any of your iPhone pictures will turn out...except this one
Bring your camera!

But it's sandy and wet...and beautiful.
Bring your camera!
(I shove my iPhone into a SealLine iSeries pouch that I attach to a lanyard for beach shore excursions.)

But it's the last morning, the ship is pretty empty, and your kid throws a solo deck party.
Bring your camera, iPhone, Android or whatever you use for quick pictures at home. If it encourages you any, all of the photos in my photography blog posts were taken on an iPhone 4S that is over a year and a half old...practically ancient in phone years.
“Luck favors the prepared.”
~Edna E. Mode The Incredibles
So get out there, make mistakes, bring your iPhone everywhere, try a shot that shouldn't work, but might and see what fairytale photos follow you home.


  1. The panoramic shots were taken with an iPhone? Impressive.

    1. Definitely! I think I'm going to order the 5S someday soon, but all my panoramas were taken using the iPhone.
      Open the camera, hit the options button and click on Panorama and try it out sometime! Getting a steady pan takes some practice but I think that it's worth having this as an option.


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