Worth the Cost of a Cruise

I have never been one who is much of a secret keeper. And so today, I'm spilling the beans, letting you know about which five things top my"Reasons I wish I was on a Disney Cruise Right Now" list...at least until I change my mind tomorrow and come up with another five favorite things...

5) All Inclusive and Cashless society

Roll out of bed. Put on clothes. Put on lanyard (with Key to the World). Done.

4)  The Oceaneer Club and Lab

Let's face it, around now summer is getting to be very long.
Imagine a room full of age appropriate new toys filled with (mostly) British formally trained nannys who want nothing more than to play and amuse your children with games and stories about their favorite characters all day long. 
DCL calls them counselors. 
I call them a Godsend. 
Oh, did I mention that Belle just casually drops by to read the kids a story some days or Snow White pops in to dance with them?  The only hard part about the club and lab is getting your child to leave them.

3) The Disney Point

The Disney Point.  I Miss It!
During our first cruise, my darling son picked up the quirky way of indicating direction known as "The Disney Point."

According to several cast members, the reason that all Disney employees point with two or more fingers is to avoid rudeness by accidentally pointing at a guest with one finger.

I just view it as an interesting behavioral souvenir.  After a year or more, he is still doing this and every single time it takes me back to wandering the decks of the Disney Magic.  A tiny gesture that fills everyday with pixie dust.

2) The cast members

Ever since leaving the ship, room service and turn down service sadly disappeared. Towel animals became extinct and no one asked me if my service continued to be "excellent." The cast members on the ships really go above and beyond to try to help out in any little way. Unlike a land based Disney vacation, you see the same crew members day after day and develop a relationship with them as individuals. A moment or two to talk to them you'll not regret it.

1)This vegan fruit pizza dessert:

After my cruise last November, I talked about this pizza for months. I think it even took a turn as my iPhone wallpaper.

Sweet, a hint of basil, tart and oh, so yummy.

I love it.


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