Wordless Wednesday "Disney Weenies"

weenie (plural weenies)
1.(diminutive) A hot dog, wiener, wurst or sausage, often cut into pieces for children.
Or a canine in the Texas sun.
 2.(slang) A nerd.
Totally geeking out meeting Marisol, the DCL Mom
3.(slang) Someone considered weak, shy, cowardly or unimportant.
Chris being uncharacteristically shy around Minnie Mouse
4. (Disney term) Something to draw a guest into the park experience much like a pet trained with pieces of hot dog. See also Cinderella Castle, Spaceship Earth, etc.
A ship model of the Disney Magic toward the latter part of the terminal and the Mickey head entry to the gangway draw guests toward the far end of the terminal.

Focused on the Magic
 part of the Disney Wordless Wednesday blog hop


  1. LOVE your weenie post covering all aspects of the Weenie! I feel like a Disnerd weenie. Love the cruise terminal shot! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love how you approached this by definition! Very creative.

  3. LOVE your visual Disney Weenie dictionary entry :)

  4. Love your take on the theme, and that model cruise ship draws me in every time. For some reason I could look at that thing for hours.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Oops...Sorry I didn't mean to delete your comment!
      My bad.
      I am such a Disney nerd too! Yep. And that's why I love all my fellow bloggers, you make me feel normal.

  6. Love the shot of your son. We are experiencing that weenie this trip. So excited to see characters and then hides behind me when we get there.

  7. What great pictures! I love the ship model shot! So cute!!

  8. Love your take of the weenies and the pictures that went with them.I think you've got them all covered :) We've had great fun pictures on that Disney Magic model.


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