Wordless Wednesday The Disney Inspired Letter "N"


Nautical details
And a Nap

Focused on the Magic
 Thank you Focused on the Magic for hosting the Disney Wordless Wednesday blog hop!


  1. Great N pics from the cruise - very cool

  2. Very nice selection- great choices & great pics!

  3. We were watching the the cruise DVD tonight! Love your photos.

  4. Love them all, but the nap will win every time. Great pictures, thanks for sharing!

  5. I wonder how many different types of noodles are served on Disney property and their cruise ships? I think I'd like to personally investigate!!

  6. Haha, very clever! I love the nap, a cruise favorite!

  7. I'd love to be napping on a Disney cruise too! Great pics! The nerd in me had to look up those flags on the nautical details picture. It spells N-E-Y, D-I-S.. so I imagine it repeats all along the railing and keeps spelling DISNEY! a cool detail!

    1. They do. And the flags above Treasure Ketch spell Disney as well, so the store is called "Disney Treasure Ketch" by cast members. Several places around the ships spell simply "DCL".
      I keep meaning to get a photo of the flags in Topsiders so I can look them up once I get home, but promptly forget once onboard.
      I suspect they spell topsiders.


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