Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia ~ How Big Is She?

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Tiggerific+Tuesday+Trivia Tiggerific Tuesday #DisneyTrivia: LEGO Sea Serpent

The Disney Magic is 964 feet long from bow to stern...
That makes her longer than the Pyramid of Cheops is tall. It even makes her longer than the 630 foot Gateway Arch in St. Louis Missouri. The Eiffel Tower in Paris towers over the Magic, at least until after her dry dock this fall!
During the dry dock, a "ducktail" will be added on to the stern of the ship to promote stability of the ship and reduces power consumption. After all is said and done, the Magic will top out at 984 feet long, just shy of the Eiffel Tower's 986 foot height.


  1. I hadn't read about the duck tail addition! Can't wait to see the re-imagined Magic!

  2. I really NEED to get on a Disney Cruise one of these days. I like your blog. Years ago, I had the same background on mine - great minds!

    1. Definitely mandatory for any Disney fan. It's hard to justify a Disney trip away from the parks, but once you do...it's hard to go back! It can get complicated to pick which to do but awesome to have two such different experiences to pick from. I'm thinking I'll do a comparison post between WDW and DCL one day.


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