Tiggerific Tuesday ~ Black and Blue

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So take a good hard look at the hull of the Disney Magic.

Despite the original intent to match the red, yellow and black of Mickey Mouse during the design of the Magic and Wonder, they settled on a color known as "Monica Blue." In using a blue rather than a black, they reduce the cooling costs and let the ship "breathe." As the Art of the Theme Show Tour explains, this color originated from a pair of slacks one of the imagineers' secretarys named Monica wore to a meeting during the hunt for the perfect not too dark but not too blue shade.
This dark blue can be found in many of the interior furnishings as well.  On the classic ships, the porthole seats on deck three as well as the chairs in the Promenade Lounge both sport Monica Blue.
Now you know!


  1. Amazing how such as slight color change can help keep things cool. And I love how they named the color after the imagineer wearing the slacks :)

  2. Hey, you changed your header! I like the chalkboard look!

    1. I am such a back to school nut! My DH calls this time of year "my Christmas." Honestly I can stand in OfficeMax and just be happy.

  3. Huh! I did not know that at all! Very cool--literally! ;)


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