Pinning for My Dream Disney Vacation

I love Pinterest! 
For those of you unfamiliar with the magic of Pinterest, it is, in it's own words, "a tool for collecting and organizing the things you love." I've used it to plan and execute a complete transformation of my daughter's bedroom from her Winnie the Pooh Nursery days to her current enchanted forest, create cute teacher gifts and even collect an amazing array of fonts. My favorite use of Pinterest, however, is to collect and organize crafts, ideas and inspirations for my next Disney trip. Consider this bonus Pixie Dust!
My current Top Ten Disney Pins include:

10. How to Pack a Ridiculous Amount in a Small Space


9. Some Excellent Photography Tips

These are slowly helping to help take my current "terrible-though-enthusiastic" photography to hopefully just "enthusiastic" photography.

8. "Plus It Up" Flip Flops

7. Disney Scrap Book Ideas

6. Marty Sklar's New Book

Who doesn't love a little Behind the Magic reading before the Trip, or perhaps on a verandah, lounging and gazing at the ocean. Sounds good to me.

5. Matching Personalized Disney Outfits

Yep, my kids are pretty cute, when they want to be. In the interest of full disclosure, I am in no way associated with the above etsy seller, although she did use my fan photo for her site. I just love her stuff.

4. Cute Countdown Paper Chain

We love paper chains, countdown calendars and all things that let us see how close our vacation is getting.

As my Countdown+ app so cheerfully puts it, "Only 145 days, 3 hours and 56 minutes until Port Arrival"

3. Homemade Easy Autograph Books

Nice and chunky, these books were easy to flip open, big enough for the characters to sign and easy to tell whose was whose from the outside.

2. Excellent FE Gift ideas

and last but not least, always a total lifesaver,


1. Disney Lapbook and Hints for Taking Kids Out of School for Disney

Lapbooks filled with nautical activities...they take a lot of preplanning, a glue stick, pens and crayons.
Each of my children love doing Disney Cruise themed lapbooks and notebooks. Particularly during the travel to and from the ship, these do a fairly good job at keeping "are we there yet" at bay. I filled ours with road trip scavenger hunts, lessons of semaphore flag ABCs (secret codes are big with my son) and map activities. I find the notebooks the easier of the two to make and manage, but my kids prefer the lapbooks.
Notebooks filled with handwriting work, journaling prompts and clipart.

Only 175 days 3 hours and 4 minutes until my next Disney vacation! Better start pinning some pixie dust!
You can find my Vacation Ideas board on Pinterest here.
Which pins have you loved using on your Disney trips? I've got plenty of time to try out some new ideas, so what do you think I should do on my next vacation?


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