Magic-al Thanksgiving Cruise - Naps, Formal Wear and the Disney Point

After brunch, we took the boxed up berry pizza back to our room, changed into comfy clothes wandered around for a little bit sans kids, then decided we should see if they wanted to hang out with us and have an afternoon snack.
Chris and Kylee reluctantly left the Oceaneer Club and came back to try some of the mysterious dessert pizza. Kylee gave it a taste or too, but didn't like it, and Chris wouldn't touch it if we'd paid him too. Oh well, more for me! Now that I had room again, I could finish off the lovely pie. Kylee stomped on the hem of her skirt at some point during the running around Do Si Doing with Snow White and ripped the back of her skirt open, so I patched that up with the Wal-Mart sewing kit from the other day. Our guys ran out to try to find an available shuffleboard. Finally got the skirt all patched while little princess pulled an afternoon imitation of Aurora. I collected another of our many lovely FE gifts out of the hallway.
Chris and Ben ducked back by to see what was going on, and since Kylee still slumbered away, Chris wanted to try to teach me Shuffleboard as well. We made it halfway around the ship when he realized he hadn't used the restroom since breakfast. And so we spent some time that afternoon locating the nearest laundry rooms and running a load of laundry.
After we got through with that and getting all gussied up for formal night, we headed to deck four to take some pictures...except it was already sunset by then.
It sure doesn't feel like late fall in the southern Gulf of Mexico, but the sun still sets early. So instead we took some time to meander about the shops and see which items interested the kids and what they might spend their pocket money on at some point.

Kylee in her princess finery Kylee, indulging in a twirl
Do you know how all the cast members point differently than regular people?

Yep. My kindergartener picked it up in under a day and still does it, now months later.
Never fails to make me smile.
I picked up the cruise's itinerary pin for my lanyard and we headed toward Animator's Palate.
sorry this picture looks funny, technically, this isn't a picture, but just what my lanyard looks like in my scanner
Still early, we hung about for a little while and realized, that one of the children from Kylee's preschool not only was onboard (surprise!) but had our same dining rotation
Kylee and Her School friend

The Prince and Princess menu greeted us for the evening and cute little folded napkins. Ben asked if we could expedite the kids' meals as Kylee really wanted to go to the kid's club at this point.
Super fast pasta, slightly messy, but yummy
They were more than happy to oblige and after a fruit salad and a surprisingly bland tofu Pad Thai, I hurried off to drop the children at the Oceaneer Club. Who should we run into right outside Shutters but Pluto?
He seemed very pleased to hug Chris and wave at Kylee then he had to run off for a snack so that he could meet the kids for Pluto's PJ party in the club. Of all the times to leave my phone in the room.  No pictures, sadly!
I took the kids back to the room, changed them into full length PJ's and slippers and dropped them at the club. When I returned to Animator's Palate, Ben had saved the rest of the Pad Thai for me and was just receiving this as I sat down.
We slowly finished dinner and hung around until Luis dropped by to get our orders for tomorrow. We explained we planned to pretty much chill the next day and just catch something casual for dinner. He took Kylee's lunch order for the next day (vegan pancakes and apple slices, as it was an easy neat vegan finger food) and said to call him if I needed or wanted any dinner sent up. We slowly wandered back to pick up the kids, who were pretty well exhausted after such a full day of fun. They attacked our towel animal before I could see, let alone photograph it. Although they seemed exhausted and were already in their PJs, they took quite a while to wind down from the clubs. We turned on the Walt Disney Theatre channel to "Twice Upon a Time".
Next sailing, I truly hope to be able to catch this show live, as it was lovely. I reviewed the next day's navigators and took some pictures of the little details in the room.
I Want to Redo Our Bedroom in DCL furnishings.
I'd noticed the Disneyland and Disney World castles on the lamp on the previous cruise.
Nice Atlas Lamp, Wish I could Buy One!
Most Magical Place on Earth of Course!
Out of curiosity I rotated the lampshade.
Sure enough, there are castles for Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disneyland as well! I'm guessing the shades predate the 2005 opening of Hong Kong Disneyland, though.
Different Rooms Contain Different Music Over the Bed.
After a last look at the art over our bed, I shut the curtain and crawled into bed, determined to sleep in for at least one day on our cruise.
Even if it was to be the one day that we would be subjected to spring forward...
This post is Part 5 of an Ongoing Trip Report Covering Our Thanksgiving Cruise 2012


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