Magical Thanksgiving Cruise - Silence Before the Stingrays

So I woke up ridiculously early and indulged in two of my favorite hobbies, a quick run around the decks and some nearly empty ship photography.
Self Portrait pre-run.

One of the over 20,000 pieces of signage on board, this being the sign in deck 5 forward to the port of the stairwells.
Stairwell between five and four forward
Stairwell with a map of Castaway Cay...
I promise I'm going back soon!
Because why wouldn't the hallway need a traffic light.
Beat Street Lobby

Helmsman Mickey
Even after three cruises on the Magic and only one on the Wonder, I still keep expecting it to be Ariel in the lobby rather than Helmsman Mickey. Anyone else notice that they expect things to be the same as on whichever ship was their first cruise ship?
That's just me?
My usual stretching spot.
First time I’d noticed the portholes forward on the deck four walking track.
what’s up there?
The portholes on deck 4 aft show the Animator’s Palate galley area.
During meal prep you can see desserts and salads here, usually.
Animator's Palate Entry
Lobby from the fourth floor
I took some interior pictures after I’d been for a run, see it is daylight outside the portholes now!
Fifth Floor view of the lobby, I really love the panorama feature.
After a very necessary but quick shower and trying to stealthily sneak Chris out of the room before he woke up Kylee and Ben, we headed upstairs for some Topsiders to fortify us against the oncoming Stingrays…
"Mom, I can’t even see Grand Cayman yet…"

"Praying today to thank you for breakfast and that the stingrays don’t eat me…Amen. Oh and sorry about biting my donut before praying."

Oatmeal and walnuts and melons!
Before he was gluten free, he tended to avoid the "dough-y snacks"
And Chris polished off all of his melons and one of Mickey’s ears. Not anymore of the donut. He’s an odd kid, but he’s mine, what can I say! I love him.
Totally zoned out.
We had plenty of time to change into our swimsuits and let Chris zone out to cartoons with his sister. On a DISboards tip, we ordered an Uncrustables to take ashore with us.
Don't even THINK about it.
Don’t! We were told to leave it on the ship when we arrived in the group for our excursion, at the risk of a $20,000 fine.
I’d rather not pay that much for a sandwich. I'd rather use that money on future cruises. 
This post is Part 9 of an Ongoing Trip Report Covering Our Thanksgiving Cruise 2012


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