Magic-al Thanksgiving Cruise - Casual Evening

We went to figure out when our low stress Topsiders dinner would be ready…
not yet although as a grammar notice-r, I found it hilarious that
1) the sign is being refreshed for “yourfuture” enjoyment and
2) that the sign had been fixed by sometime later the following day.
I don't think it's possible to take a vacation and not take the "taking pictures of you taking pictures" shot.
This shot involved massive amounts of peril as not only would the biscuits (the shuffleboard pucks) occasionally fly in my direction, but more than once, the entire tang (or "stick thingy" as we experienced cruisers call it) would be thrown as well.  I live dangerously.
Chris decided to take me down stairs and school me in the ancient art of shuffleboard. A sport, which I am needlessly, remarkable terrible at playing. Ben and I took turns standing around taking photos of each other, the scenery, the ship and getting beaten mercilessly by our beautiful child. Not necessarily in that order, of course.
Ben takes a turn.
the serenity of the sea never gets old.

Ben showed me the panorama feature on my phone.
hmmm, maybe I should print this out huge for that odd little wall in our powder room.

Sometime after night fall, we retrieved Kylee from the club and headed into Topsiders where they were serving from the Animator’s Palate menu.
I believe this was the Black Bean Chipotle cakes over corn and brown rice topped with salsa… actually the first and only thing on the cruise I registered as spicy.
Unfortunately, the Black Bean Cakes turned out to be more on the end of vegetarian than vegan and my tummy let me know that later. Thankfully, Kylee opted for a peanut butter sandwich and dodged that entirely. The kids scampered off to the kids club for a little evening fun.
Mmmmm. My favorite!
Ben and I skipped the comedy and hypnosis show in favor of a little quiet time in Cove Café with a soy hot chocolate followed by some wandering on deck.
We had quite the morning planned out as it was our first port day and I wanted to get a run in before our port adventure… so off to bed with us and the kids.

This post is Part 8 of an Ongoing Trip Report Covering Our Thanksgiving Cruise 2012


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