Magic-al Thanksgiving Cruise - Have a Little Character!

Monday morning, aka sea day take two, I decided against going for a run (shock! horrors!) and instead slept in for a teeny tiny bit. In the interest of hopefully keeping the kiddos sleeping and not up and hungry before our turn at Mickey’s Island Jam Breakfast.

Now we knew to expect a character breakfast, but not when exactly, so I poked around until I found the line on the bottom of our dining tickets…oh.

See the teeny tiny print at the bottom?
Really obvious once you’ve seen it, but is really tiny if you didn’t know it was there.
Anyway we had plenty of time to get dressed and wander around to take a couple pictures as we waited for breakfast…

Oh, look it’s all of us with Helmsman Mickey! Yep.

And then we headed into Parrot Cay for some breakfast. And what do you do after you order food and you’re waiting around for Mickey and his friends to show up? You take some goofy photos.

Total spaz moment

Show me how you'll smile when Mickey get here!

I wish they sang the Tiki Room Song!

Around now Mickey, Minnie and the gang came parading into the middle of the restaurant and split off to start the rounds after we were all instructed in proper character breakfast behavior. “You need to have your camera already turned on, your autograph books open and your pens at the ready.” Um, Okay. Then Goofy wandered right up behind us. He scared the Magic right out of Kylee.

This picture is a lie. She is smiling between squealing and trying to climb behind me to hide.

Good picture, dear! You caught her between squeals.

Another try, still not smiling.

Around this time all of the characters disappeared backstage for a couple minutes and then came back out. I don’t know why, it was oddly timed, but after they did the other character handlers seemed to know to direct them toward Chris and away from Kylee’s side of the table. Chris had a great time though. He especially enjoyed seeing Pluto again.

"Mom, he writes on his nose!!!"

He was a little shy around Minnie Mouse, but Kylee came clear out of her shell and made sure that she handed her autograph book to the handler and that she gave it to Minnie.

"Wait Minnie!!!"

Napkin Hats, because Napkin Hats are Cool

Oh, and Kylee had some Raisin Bran and soy milk and I ate oatmeal with some fruit and nuts, for anyone who’s curious. We headed our way to go wander out onto deck and ran into the restrooms on the way…

Pretty bathroom counter inlay on deck

Watching the waves

We ran into Kylee’s preschool friend again up on deck 10 and Kylee had a lovely time playing some odd game with a basketball which I never fully grasped…it involved dribbling a couple times, running in a circle and sitting on top of the ball.

Ben and Chris were enjoying some foosball and ping pong. And then Kylee realized two things-she was awake and she was not in the Oceaneer Club…so in she went. Chris went too.

We let them know that Kylee’s lunch should arrive around noon. I also reminded Kylee that I’d pick her up in time for our tea with Alice. She enjoyed Toy Story Boot Camp with the green army guy, some other Rescue Ranger game and Chris spent time playing video games and trucks inside the pirate ship.

Do I really look under 18?  I got carded, anyway.
We spent a while watching the clouds drift by and reading some on my Kindle. After a bit, I realized wanted to go to the gym at some point.

I headed over to the gym and spent an hour on the elliptical watching Journey 2: Mysterious Island (Side note-Is that Peeta? When is this movie from? 2012? Really?)
Ben grabbed a Frappuccino from the Cove Café and stayed on deck holding down the forward section of the deck and watching the ocean roll drift past.

Ben and I headed over to Topsiders for lunch and I had a lovely little salad.

Watermelon Avocado Tomato salad on the Right- So delicious!
And then after hanging out for a bit, I headed over to pick up the kids for the afternoon, when who should I run into on the fifth floor hanging around but Marisol…

It was so neat to meet Marisol!
Yes, it was Marisol the Disney Cruise Line mom from the 2012 Walt Disney World Moms Panel! I went totally fan girl a bit. I really hope I didn’t scare her too much. She was so sweet and encouraging about applying for the 2014 Disney Parks Mom Panel. Maybe this is my year! I can dream anyway, right?

This post is Part 6 of an Ongoing Trip Report Covering Our Thanksgiving Cruise November 2012


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