Foodie Friday - Salad Course - Palo

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Tomato, Marinated Tofu and Micro Green Salad
with Asparagus and Cantaloupe Spears
Location: Palo onboard the Disney Magic
Cost: $20 for entire meal. Plus, of course, cost of cruise.

Wait!  Don't leave!  I know I said tofu and salad, but look at the picture then come back up and read!
Did you look?
Okay, then on with the review.

Since it is super hot and late summer, I was looking through my old trip photos for a meal that is both cool and refreshing as well as filling. This more than fits the bill. Since I went vegan over two years ago, I have eaten extremely well at Disney both on land and by sea. Although all the Disney chefs I have met seem eager to rise to the occasion of an alternative diet, one particular plate stands out as the most visually stunning.
On May 2, 2013 I had the privilege of dining in Palo the adults only restaurant during our eight night itinerary. Chef Silvio Jr., head chef at Palo, presented me with this beautiful vegan play on the classic Tomato, Buffalo Mozzarella and Basil salad.  Substituting marinated chilled tofu for the mozzarella and crisp ridiculously fresh micro greens for the usual basil, the salad retained the crisp clean flavor profile the inspiring dish.  The tomatoes thinly sliced, played off of the purple and green micro greens in a harmonious color contrast. The salad was lightly dressed in salt and pepper with an accompaniment of balsamic vinegar.

You had me at "Balsamic"
Aside from the beautiful presentation, this salad also displayed excellent balance in flavors and texture. Or as I'd be more likely to say, it is super yummy.
It would be neglecting the experience of the dish to leave out the garnish, if it can be rightly called as such.  a beautiful tomato be-petal-ed rose with tiny basil leaves on a stalk of blanched asparagus and melon slivers.  The melon and asparagus were perfectly prepared and in a wonderful salted, bitter, sweet balance. The rose, however, so beautifully decorated the plate that I could not bring myself to eat it.  It sat in a place of honor on my bread dish next to my water glass throughout the dessert course.
Chef Silvio Jr. truly elevated this dish to another level and demonstrated the excellence and quality one hopes to find in a truly remarkable restaurant on shore.  He is truly a Magic-al cast member and I highly suggest you look for him on your next Disney cruise. I believe he is to be onboard the Wonder this coming fall.

Thank you Disney Day By Day for hosting this blog hop!!!


  1. Ok, I took the advice and checked out the picture first. How amazing does that look, almost too pretty to eat. Disney is so accommodating and this dish looks and sounds amazing. I agree that it does look like a great meal for a hot summer day. Thanks so much for sharing and for joining our hop this week!!

    1. Thank you for visiting and hosting the blog hop!

  2. That looks amazing! I can't wait to cruise one day! :)

  3. You had me at Palo and tofu! Palo has to be my all time favorite Disney restaurant! It's nice to see they will make a vegan dish!


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