Foodie Friday Key Lime Pie

The Old Customs House
On a recent cruise, our family had the pleasure of visiting Key West for the first time. 
Now what food goes with Key West?
Key Lime Pie, of course! 
In my extensive pretrip research, I had a fairly difficult time locating Gluten Free and vegan Key Lime Pie on Key West. While The Café offered vegetarian and vegan dining, as Key Lime Pie wasn't on the menu, and nothing was gluten free, we decided to continue our hunt elsewhere. I have since read trip reports where The Café lists vegan Key Lime Pie on the menu, so your mileage may vary.
During one of our many evenings watching Food Network (one of Ben's favorite networks) Kermit of Kermit's Key West Key Lime Shoppe gave an interview and tour of his lovely little café. Hoping against hope I pulled up his website.  Nope, nothing listed as gluten free. On closer  review, I found that Kermit's does offer gluten free key lime pie by the slice. If pie isn't your thing the shop offers about a jillion other tasty key lime based products as well.
The day we cruised into Key West, we took the trolley from the naval dock to Mallory Square and walked over to Kermit's Key West Key Lime Shoppe.  Kermit himself was just opening the doors when we arrived and walked us in greeting us with a big smile and a photo with the kids.
We browsed through the jellies and jams and salsas and candies as we waited for a gluten free slice to be fetched from the "other kitchen". Even soaps and other non-edibles made an appearance. After much label reading, Kylee and I settled on a (vegan) bag of Key Lime jelly beans. The staff checked us out promptly and we wandered out back to the patio seating. Garden seating turned out to be a lovely, shaded, lushly landscaped patio with a koi pond and lots of café style seating.
Kylee nibbled "her" jelly beans and reluctantly shared them with me.  They were right on the edge of sweet and tart, neither flavor overpowering, but refreshing and oddly addictive. I just looked it up and I can order them on the website...hmmm, might do that.

$4.25 for a slice of gluten free pie is actually pretty reasonable.
Chris' slice of gluten free key lime pie, still chilly from the case, slowly disappeared as he savored the creamy morsels.  Ben (who, for the record, doesn't normally hold with citrus-y items for dessert) found his pie decidedly good. He would order key lime pie frequently if they all tasted like this.

Now please excuse me as I'm off to do a little internet based jelly bean acquisition.



  1. Yum that Key Lime Pie looks great! And I have never had a key lime jelly bean so will have to give these a try. Thanks for sharing and for joining our hop today!!

  2. We went to Key West once but somehow missed Kermit's. I guess we'll just have to go back!

  3. I LOVE Kermit's! The Key Lime Pie on a Stick is amazing! When we went there, we ate key lime pie on a stick next to the beautiful koi pond. It was so much fun!


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