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Gluten Free Muffin and Donut Plate
Location: Animator's Palate, The Disney Magic
Cost: Complimentary with cruise fare

We left our stateroom neat and tidy that morning, carrying only a single backpack down to wander deck four to watch the dock workers scurry about their business below. Huge crates of bananas, apples, and other produce waited in orderly rows as the enormous bins of luggage stuffed chock full of a weeks worth of memories exited from the lower decks.
Our perambulating eventually interrupted by the realization that our tummies may need a spot of tea, or better yet a full breakfast. Rejoining our familiar servers and selecting our favorites for the meal, Chris suddenly looked down as his eyes brimmed with tears. 
He hated this part.
This would be the day of "sad last breakfast."


Now only one thing lifts the doldrums of "sad last breakfast."  Okay, one thing aside from knowing that we already booked our next cruise and would say "see ya real soon" instead of goodbye to the beauty of our vacation.
That one thing is the gluten free muffin plate! And maybe a side of gluten free pancakes as well.  They arrived at the table, pancakes light and fluffy and, as with all our specialty allergy orders, super hot and fresh.

Gluten Free Muffin Happy Dance
The muffins, per my gluten free guy, contain the properties of "super yummy and happy." I'd say they're about the same standard as the Udi's muffins in our grocer's freezer section.  Hey, whatever floats your boat, as they say.

What makes your "sad last breakfast" less depressing? Do you have any last morning vacation traditions?


  1. Oh I know the feeling on that last breakfast, but when you have another one booked it isn't as bad :). For a sad breakfast your son didn't look to sad in that video, this must have been before he figured out it was the last breakfast. Thanks so much for sharing and for joining the hop this week!

    1. Actually our little mouseketeer wept bitterly from around the time he gave his order until the muffins showed up. Maybe five minutes?
      Thankfully, he perks back up quickly and we made sure to sneak in a quick walk by the location of our "next trip" room. To see where we will be next time and start getting excited about that.

  2. First of all, I love the name of your blog! The last breakfast is always so sad, and I'm really picky with breakfast foods so that makes it even harder. Glad your little guy enjoyed his muffin!

  3. Nice to hear good reviews about Food Allergy foods Casey, especially when the little ones approve!


  4. Oh I hate the sad last breakfast too. It's hard to enjoy it while you're holding back tears. Glad your little guys breakfast was so yummy it made it all better.


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