Five Minutes to Fairytale Photos ~ Get Goofy

I think that the magic of a Disney vacation exists in three wonderful parts: the dreaming of planning, the pixie dust moments during trip itself and the memories you take with you for years to come.
Since I can't live in the Cinderella Castle Suite or even on property year round, pictures help bring a bit of the fairytale back into my everyday life.
In my enthusiastic pursuit of remembering the Magic, I take hundreds of my own pictures every vacation and hope to share a bit of my experience with you.

Sometimes it's all good to capture the serious, beautiful profound moments for posterity. Capture the absolute reflective mood of your children.
And sometimes it is time to get a little "Goofy"
This is not one of those times.

Disney Magic, Travel Size for your convenience.

Ben's fourth cruise so he's in the photo four times. I like the "peeking over the railing Ben", personally.

Yep, they like being a little Goofy.

So try not to ignore the goofy moments, so much of vacation is enjoying the good times and just rolling with life. These may not be the most stunning or beautiful photos you take of your trips, but they will make you grin for years to come.
Just me at the Disney store.
“Laughter is America's most important export.”
~Walt Disney
So get out there, make mistakes, get a little Goofy, try a shot that shouldn't work, but might and see what fairytale photos follow you home.


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