Fastpass to History - Fairy Godmothers

Did you know each of the four Disney ships is watched over by an official fairy godmother?

While other cruise lines make due with (non fairy) godmothers, Disney designated Patty Disney the first fairy godmother at the christening of the Disney Magic in 1998 . Her husband, Roy O. Disney shares godparent duties as the only designated "godfather" of a Disney vessel.

The Disney Wonder followed in 1999 with a first, as Tinker Bell became the first animated character to be the fairy godmother of a vessel.

The Disney Dream launched in 2011. Jennifer Hudson, who began her professional singing career aboard the Wonder, filled the fairy Godmother slot this time around.

Mariah Carey took up godmother duties at the Big Apple christening of the Disney Fantasy in spring 2012.

If they launch another ship who do you think should be sprinkling the pixie dust?


  1. I didn't realize Roy O. Disney was a godfather of the Magic. How neat! I think the next fairy godmother should be Jodi Benson! How cool would it be to have Ariel as fairy godmother of a Disney ship?! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I did not know that! What a neat little thing to do, especially as an unadvertised bit of trivia. And how appropriate! :D Oh and I agree with Kimberly, Jodi Benson is a GREAT next fairy godmother... or Julie Andrews (too obvious?)...


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