That "Disney Cruise" Lady

Hi! I'm Lorelei; Lori to my friends. As my Passporter Bio so succinctly puts it,
Lorelei is a Christian, wife, mother of two, vegan, Texan, bookworm, and terrible-though-enthusiastic photographer. She sunburns indoors on a cloudy day, but still looks forward to her next Disney Cruise in spring of 2013!
I suppose that pretty well sums it up.
What...I've got three hundred more words available? Okay, I might as well, then.

It's late 1998
My mother and I huddle around the huge boxy monitor, waiting as the website slowly loads.  I run off to fetch sustenance as the modem complains. Loudly.
We spend the afternoon ooh-ing and ah-ing over pictures of Animal Kingdom which we will see for the first time on our annual trek to Walt Disney World. As we click through the agonizingly slow loading times a notice on one page catches my mother's eye. So we price out a cruise on Disney's newest venture, the Disney Magic.
After a little browsing, she decides she'd rather not find out how many of me and my three siblings would suffer mal de mer.

Late 2003
I'm finally planning my first trip to the world as an adult sans parents. Or rather Ben is. It's going to be a complete surprise as he's done all the arrangements for our honeymoon himself. I toy with the idea of a Disney cruise. But as I'm prone to car sickness, figure I'd better not push my luck.

Spending a large portion of my pregnancy watching the travel channel, I stumble across a special on the Disney Cruise Line. I share it with my dear husband. We decide that after we finish our mortgage, we'll treat ourselves to a sailing in the Walt Disney suite on the Magic or the Wonder. This dream fuels us to complete our thirty year mortgage in under nine years.

The tenth anniversary of our first date rolls around and thanks to two of the most wonderful grandparents in existence, we head out alone. As relaxation takes steep precedence over rides, we finally try out the DCL. Three days is not nearly long enough, but it's enough to know we will be back.
And next time, we will bring the kids.

2012-a few cruises later
As a Castaway Club Member, I flip out when the emails and discussion boards light up with news of the Disney Magic arriving in Texas, practically in my backyard. Not only will we cruise again, but no airfare means half the cost for the four of us. Hmmm. I wonder if Casey would want to come with us?

Nowadays, I'm that Disney Cruise Line lady.
The lady at my kids' school who people know to ask about Disney Cruises.
"Aren't those just for kids?  Is it worth it? Why are you cruising with Disney? Was it fun? Can four people really fit in a stateroom? Isn't that super expensive? What shouldn't I miss? So do you get sea sick?"
The lady whose kids play pirate cruise ship and declare "no, this room is deck five!"

Me and Ben before brunch.
My name is Lori, our resident cruise expert. I'm hoping to invite y'all along on my crazy cruise addiction and answer any questions you might have about cruising Disney!

Happy sails!


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